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CRISPR babies at risk for early death
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RE: CRISPR babies at risk for early death
(06-09-2019 08:57 PM)Abelard Lindsey Wrote:  
(06-09-2019 10:57 AM)Genghis Khan Wrote:  Aging isn't supposed to be something you beat, or at least should aim to beat.

Its something I very much intend to beat. Aging sucks donkey dicks. I believe in beating and removing from my life anything that sucks donkey dicks.

Quote:Reality is that societies only have enough space for approximately 4 generations.

It's imperative old people die so younger generations can take their place.

Ever seen what happens to an industry where the older people don't retire on time?

They calcify and become rigid. It's ugly.

But ultimately, it's unsurprising that in a godless world we have people aiming for material immortality.

I do wonder though if people are psychologically capable of living for so long. My initial guess would be we're not wired to collectively live past 120.

But hey, you know, we'll see what the future brings. Despite my pessimism, I am looking forward to seeing what the next few decades bring.

I take it this is your way of saying you're not making the transhumanist wager.

Well I am.

Yes, very much so. Highly skeptical of the transhumanist movement.

Though always glad to hear a differing opinion.

Not happening. - redbeard in regards to ETH flippening BTC

06-10-2019 09:50 PM
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