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I feel smothered in my relationship
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RE: I feel smothered in my relationship
(07-12-2019 08:13 AM)Terneuzen Wrote:  My girlfriend is 30, we have been together for 1,5 years and been living together for one year. I know that it is about time for her to have kids if we want to have 3 or more - she wants 3, I would like to have more, but realistically it’s rather unlikely at her age. She’s still physically attractive and have several orbiters, but she’s not interested in them because they all have lower SMV than me. She’s also very intelligent and conscientious – these traits bode well for the future, but her emotional programming destroys the picture – too many Disney movies in the childhood and Instagram in later years.

I don’t want to break her heart by breaking up or cheating on her, but the more I think about the situation we are in the more I believe that banging chicks on the side would be the best solution if we both want to be happy together. The two other solutions are:

1) We remain in the relationship with little sexual interest towards each other – both unhappy and I am the culprit
2) We break up – initially both unhappy, but this can change rather quickly. In this scenario I know I will get my shit together faster than her, because I have my female friends still interested in me
3) Overt polygamy – not allowed beyond the Muslim world, not an option

I am going through something very similar, which I recently shared with the RVF and received great feedback from the members. The one glaring difference from your story being I don't really want any kids (at least not in the near future).

Truthfully, you sound scattered and all over the place in your wants and needs. If you have a craving for casual no strings attached sexual encounters with other women because of your high T count then you are in absolutely no place to be committing to a woman and siring her children. Even if you want to have your fun on the side you wont have the time or money for it after children come into the picture. What makes you so sure you want to have three kids? Have you ever taken care of small children for any extended period of time?

Just from babysitting my two year old nephew regularly I have been hit with the stone cold reality that children require a great deal of time, effort and expense with very little reward (until they are often much older). Once you have children your life is forever changed. The financial ramifications alone will ensure that you will be working like a mad man just to provide for your new family. The social aspect will also be over because all of your 'free' time will revolve around cartaking, plays, games, events and various other mundane events with your children. Even if your marriage somehow manages to survive (rare occurrence now days), the fun is largely gone, money will be tight and the arguments will be endless over finances, discipline, and everything else you cant even possibly fathom right now. And when it all falls apart you as a man will be BLAMED for EVERYTHING and get stuck with nothing but the bill.
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