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The Bugman city thread (degenerate leftist cities discussion)
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RE: The Bugman city thread (degenerate leftist cities discussion)
(08-03-2019 10:30 AM)[email protected] Wrote:  I agree that property ownership is freedom in the sense that you are free from the grind of wage slaving to pay off the mortgage loan. I also don't agree because you don't actually "own" the property, you are just a custodian since you are obligated to paying land tax each year and if you fail to pay it for a while it will be sold off by the government you'll be thrown out on the streets. There are some countries like Malta where you truly own your property but those are rare.

I hate the whole concept of property taxes in the USA.

Even if you buy a good property at a good value, the gov't gets to tax you on unrealized gains every year. That's insane. In high property tax states like Texas, you can get into 5-figure tax bills pretty quickly on modest properties now thanks to coastal migration over the past decade. Here's a link that breaks down rates by state:


Places like Tennessee and Wyoming are the real sweet spots: Low property taxes AND no income taxes. But I'm not against paying some income taxes if I'm getting something decent out of it. At least I can live modestly and keep income tax payments to a minimum if needed. I think high property taxes are a financial death sentence if you want buy a nice property/live in a nice area but live a modest lifestyle. I would imagine that's what many guys want here so be careful with living anywhere with high property taxes.

On a different note: I wish there were more solid conservative cities in the USA. I shouldn't have to live in some far flung small town to have:

1. A well-run government.

2. Aggressive law and order.

3. Low crime.

4. Affordable modest property not surrounded by slums/violent welfare dependents.

5. A place where traditional values are welcomed (ex: no pride flags on every corner).

6. Pro-business and reasonable taxes.

That was America in many cities in the 1950s.

If you ever look at a voting map today however, there is barely anything that meets the aforementioned criteria and it's just getting worse as democrat migrants from NY and CA move to places like Idaho, Tennessee, North Carolina, etc and destroy those places just like the places they came from. Even most 2nd and 3rd tier cities are being colonized and ruined by liberal migrants/refugees/illegals. If you want to live in a solid right-wing area, you have very limited options. A few states, a few 2nd and 3rd tier cities, a bunch of desolate shithole small towns, and the boondocks.

Unfortunately in modern day America (unless something major happens like separation), I will need to leave the country if I want to live in a city that meets most of the aforementioned criteria. Really a shame.
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