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Mass shootings in El Paso, Texas Walmart and Dayton, Ohio bar
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RE: Texas Walmart Massacre - 18 killed in Walmart shooting
I have been trying to explain to a foreign friend that the mass shooting that happened is not out of the ordinary. There were a number this weekend in Chicago, NY, Memphis, and a few other crime infested cities. This made me come up with a Thought for the Day.

The news does report locally on some crime, a large percentage of it done by the african american or hispanic community due to drugs, gang war, or a combination. Homicides come from those cultures specifically in high crime cities. The national news does not consider it worth their time unless the crime is very unusual or it is done by a culture that normally is very peaceful.

In this case, this was an unusual circumstance of a massacre done indiscriminately. Let me give you a little awakening, and explain how the people of America are conditioned.

Take this case. Replace the shooter with an African American. The populace will have sympathy for the people being shot, but not the shooter. "He is just another criminal black. As long as he is taking care of." Cue black activists defending him by blaming whites for doing more massacres -- which is a lie, blacks have the most contributions to massacres in the US but the masses are not told about it. Cue everyone else moaning about another black related crime. Replace the shooter and the people shot as african americans. Now it becomes worldstar material. Still tragic, but it is not so affecting to the psyche. Once again "It is people that do this all the time. It is tragic, but it is their fault." You can also blame the media for this conditioning, but they do not have all the blame. Human conditioning is based on a continous stimulus of a pattern, and in this case, it is having a prediction of a culture's behavior and knowing what to expect of it to the point that it does not make a shock.

The media may be playing into the same shock game, but they are also just playing to human behavior. So this is going to become another eye opener to anyone:

America expects more from non high-crime cultures.

That is right, the media and the populace aren't as racist as anyone would say. They are just following common sense. And the funny part of this is that it would be considered inherently racist based on these expectations. If people see an anglo commit a murder, they either see them as psychotic, poor, or a combination. Even blacks will tell you the same thing. Because to them, they hold anglos to a higher standard implicitly. If you want to see the hierarchy of which culture has the least crimes purely based on the natural order of human behavior, see which news of which culture gets the most views when a crime is committed.

Put the quote from the Joker in The Dark Knight into perspective, a quote that kept coming to my head everytime something "out of the ordinary" happens in society.
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