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Business How to get projects for a web development company?
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RE: How to get projects for a web development company?
A few general principles that work well for improving your network that I've found:

Everyone you help usually has at least one friend in need of the same kind of help. Concentrate on doing a good job for someone you know who really needs your service. It actually doesn't matter so much if you have to start out doing it for free, pro bono work very quickly leads to paid work - well paid work if you are good. So be generous, help someone out you can help out effectively, and ask for a recommendation and an introduction. This is the best way to do business, and can actually be very effective. 'I only work by referral' is a good principle and a good piece of psychology if you are a one man band. It is very effective if you are good.

Network. Who you know often counts much more than what you know. If you know a lot of people and are really good at what you do, then you will have a real edge. The key to extremely effective networking is to work out what the person you are contacting really needs. I don't mean as a service, specifically. Try to identify what kind of person you are trying to reach. Have they had a tough time recently, are they flying along and arrogant as hell, etc etc. Some people need a friend, some people need to be asked for advice, some need praise, and so on. Write to them in the appropriate vein. You will be amazed at the response rate from seriously big name figures in your world if you do this, and once they engage they will very often go out of their way to help you.

Don't be ruled by data, but do let it inform how you target a niche, or customers. Use this to drive any advertising you do. Any paid advertising these days should really be Facebook ads, which you can be amazingly precise on your targeting with.

Don't neglect conventional media, assuming it is free. Good quality content is hard to find, and media outlets can't afford it most of the time if they have to pay for it. Read the magazines and newspapers your customers read, work out their style, write accordingly (or pay someone to on Upwork - it's cheap and you can get top class journalists for less than 50 bucks for 500 word articles). Work out who runs the news desk for those publications, and go and buy them lunch. Journalists make fuck all. Be nice to them, give them good content that makes their lives easier, and you will be surprised at how easy it is to put your words in front of your target market.
08-21-2019 10:14 AM
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