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Rapefugee games German billionaires wife
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RE: Rapefugee games German billionaires wife
(09-02-2019 12:02 PM)Pinkman Wrote:  
(08-30-2019 11:16 PM)iThinkThereforeIam Wrote:  
(08-30-2019 05:51 PM)uncledick Wrote:  I was in Germany 3 months ago travelling a few cities and smaller towns, i saw race mixing everywhere.

I haven't been there forever and a half but I have personally never experienced this.

Women tend to stay within their social class unless an invading army is at the door and muslim gangs don't count as that.

Muslims are generally uneducated and low class with few exceptions. These exceptions were able to choose mates as per their higher status but even that is getting tougher now as the perception of the woman will be that of one who potentially is with a rapefugee.

Muslims are basically royalty in Germany. Even a poor muslim man is higher class than a middle class German.

That is just not true. In my subjective view (I have no numbers) interracial relationships happen very seldom. On top of my head, I can remember only one such relationship of people I know personally. It was between a Turkish guy and a German girl in school.

The exception is people from the lower classes where mixing is more frequent. Other people I know almost always date in their nationality. My Turkish friend has a Turkish wife, and my Bulgarian friend can only date Bulgarien girls.

While German mainstream media and politics are dangerously islamophile and things will get much worse, it is not as bad at the moment as some of the posters here seem to imagine.
09-02-2019 12:42 PM
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