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Tinder turns 5, and dating circles the drain....
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RE: Tinder turns 5, and dating circles the drain....
Every time someone posts a link to a story I like this, I ask why they didn't post the byline of the writer. The reason for this is because the same group of people write these stories and knowing who wrote it gives you insight to the writer's biases and agendas.

This story is no exception. It was written by Ashley Fetters, who is not just an ideologue, but a mindless one. Here is a link to all her stories at the Atlantic.

What does Ashley write about? How the gay characters on the children's show "Arthur" reflect "changing norms." Growing up on a houseful of "perfect dogs." Santa Claus is "nothing but stress" for families who don't believe in him (as if adults believe in Santa). There's also the one asking if stay-at-home dads are "reshaping" masculinity.

Most disturbingly, she examines the concept of paternity fraud by asking a "historian of fatherhood" (WTF?) whether DNA testing will be seen as a "positive development." Translation: Women can no longer lie to men about being the father of their child, so that's not "positive." Sample sentence: "...for most of modern history, neither the public nor the courts made any distinction between legal and biological fatherhood."

I used to write "trend stories" like this. They allow you to choose your own sources. She chose a source who seems to be inventing his own version of "modern history." As far as I know, paternity always mattered, hence the long-term use of words like "bastard" and "illegitimate."

But I digress. In short, this writer is like the print version of the women on "The View." Big on trendy pop culture bias and short on insight, balance, and depth.

So, anything she writes about Tinder needs to be viewed within the context of her work. To me that means don't expect anything but the obvious and expect that to be biased in terms of "how does this affect women?"

So let's remember to post bylines. To me, they often tell more than the actual story. Because this story more or less said nothing.
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