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Traits to look for in a mother?
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RE: Traits to look for in a mother?
Relevant cross post this from another thread:

(01-01-2019 07:29 PM)Mage Wrote:  The best idea I have found on this long and painful discussion is that it is impossible to hide from evil influences. So a reliable man or woman is not someone who is sheltered from these influences, but rather someone who knows how to deal with them.

Who is a man or a woman that knows how to deal with bad influences and who knows how to resist temptation? One with spiritual dimension in their lives. Too many guys without proper experience in spirituality themselves confuse spirituality with blending in some cultural group - going to church or temple means nothing if it is just going together with family and culture. Such women can change if put in other environment.

If you want to gauge how reliable a person is and how faithful that person is to his ideals you must see if that person is doing any introspection towards these goals and how is that individual acting alone without environmental influences.

A relationship minded woman that chooses to have a family and be faithful to her husband despite temptations will fulfill the fallowing criteria:

- She will pray in her room alone and introspect her soul.
- She will read books on how to achieve that goal of family, just like you read books on game. After she has achieved that she will continue to read books on how to make marriage stronger and how to raise children better.
- She will go to church or temple at scheduled days even despite inconvenience, like busy schedule, bad weather, minor illness, long distance or whatever and she will do the required rites like confession with discipline, regularity and preparation.
- She will have past success in not wasting her energy and time in something that doesn't bring her closer to her goals so she will have low notch counts, she will waste little time with men who show no interest in relationships.
- She will have basic housewife skills like cleaning and cooking mastered already. She will not have skills that are clearly useless in LTR like pole dancing or twerking.
- She has the "happy gene" and can maintain her happiness and sanity and her direction towards her life goals alone for some time and is not dependent on constant outside input.

And yes, nothing is certain and there is never any warranty in life about what another person does. But the point is you cannot hope to find a "good NPC" or a sheltered innocent woman and lock her mind up. There are programs that can covert any NPC to any color and only player characters can be somewhat trusted. You must make sure that you woman is a player character and that her participation in your LTR is a conscious choice, not just going with the flow. Any conscious choice must be accompanied with temperance of the will and the resolve, which is achieved trough spiritual discipline, which can only be done by a person that upkeeps a spiritual dimension in their life. And you cannot be the one who teaches her this, she must do it on her own. But you must b e doing the same and strengthening her resolve by having your own.

Oh and if you hope to find a faithful girl among atheists, or think you can make a lasting family without help of God and praying to God yourself, then you must be fucked in the head, sorry.
09-28-2019 09:28 AM
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