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An oddity of History and religion: Levirate marriages.
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RE: An oddity of History and religion: Levirate marriages.
I have always been a proponent of this system. It is like middle ground between strict monogamy and polygamy, which both have pros and cons.

Today the society with all the single moms hanging around practices serial monogamy, which is even worse then open polygamy. Clearly strict monogamy is not working without strictly enforced religious code. Completely unrestricted polygamy on the other hand would lead to unstable society with too much angry unmarried men.

I theorize that solution would be a system with monogamy on basis, but with the charitable option for each monogamous couple to take in another 2nd wife with her kids from a deceased or absent husband. Blood relation is not that important. This charitable couple would have to prove to be financially and psychologically ready to do that.

Everyone would gain something, but also would have to give something back:

- The husband would get some sexual variety but would have to be ready to feed 2x women and children.
- The first wife would get a domestic helper and a female friend, but would have to sacrifice some pride. Actually she could get more exclusive romantic time with husband if the 2nd wife takes time to watch children of both women.
- 2nd wife would not be lonely and would get a man, both for sex and financial support, but would have to recognize her subordination to the 1st wife.
- children of 2nd wife would have father figure, would not have to tolerate the endless pumpers and dumpers of their mother, they gain the most.
- children of 1st wife would lose some temporal resources that would otherwise be spent only on them, but could gain new brothers and sisters for life. They probably gain the least, therefore this option would have to be open only for wealthy families.
- society (provided it is not suicidal like modern west) would make sure no womb stays empty and birthrates go up.

It would be a good system, there are some ill chance it would be misused but so does the standard monogamous marriage anyway.

Of course for this system to work marriage laws would have to change drastically, generally they would have to favor men more and either completely abolish divorce and alimony or make them much more just.
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