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Game instructors are shutting down their web sites
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RE: Game instructors are shutting down their web sites
(12-02-2019 07:25 AM)griffinmill Wrote:  
(10-12-2019 12:06 PM)monsquid Wrote:  I've been following the community since my teenage years starting with alt.seduction. The days of NLP, Ross Jeffries, Bandler, Mystery, and a whole host of other people. I never paid for a bootcamp or anything but I was paying attention because as a short average looks male nerd I knew this was something I had to put more conscious effort into.

Same goes for me. I've been closely following the "seduction community" ever since 2000 when I first saw Ross Jeffries doing cold approach on an episode of Louis Theroux. That episode was one of those cataclysmic life-changing things in that it opened up a whole new world for me and helped this shy, introverted kid do reasonably okay with women. This is why I take it as a personal affront when I see feminists and the wider society at large totally misrepresent this community which is literally saving lives and helping men be better versions of themselves.

I wasn't necessarily a basement-dwelling troll but I was totally blue-pill and had zero experience with women up until the age of about 20.

The most important thing this community taught me was not "negging" or "manipulation" or any of that bullshit, it was instead an education about true female nature, and the ability to behave confidently in the presence of what to me was an alien species. My earlier attempts at talking to girls or trying in some way to behave like a normal human being was fraught with so much anguish and confusion, and dealing with girls (not shy, passive unicorns as the culture will tell us) who were dismissive or outright abusive or mocking can be a humiliating experience that stays with you for the long haul and needs to be overcome only through proper mentorship.

I simply do not recognise the shy and awkward young adult I used to be, and when I see the war against this community waged against people with a total misunderstanding of its teachings, I'm angry at the millions of men who are going to remain frozen in this scarcity-mindset, blue-pill state.

The community did lose its way slightly, with an over-emphasis on total promiscuity and posting hidden camera footage of girls in compromising positions, or Julien from RSD behaving like a cocked-up asshole for clicks, or that sneak Tom Torero faking infields, but I still support this community. I just wish it had been better regulated.

Well put. Looking back, the early alt.seduction community guys almost seem innocent and naive. Yeah there was a bit of ass hattery but it was honestly a community of men trying to help each other. There was a real desire to teach and improve men's lives. In that sense it was a true pioneering group trying to do meaningful self help. Then the slow monetization of Game began. I would put a lot of blame on Neil Strauss. Neil used the community partly as a gimmick to sell his book. But it brought big attention from mainstream audiences. Along with that attention came opportunity for profit. Thus the mushroom growth of the business side of game. RSD grew big during this time.

But of course game was influenced as much by changes in the world at large. Rise of social media, IG, YouTube, FB, and Snap meant that attention spans were shorter and thresholds for hedonism were higher in the clown world. Online dating nullified night game for PUA wannabes and regular Joes alike. Shock culture became big. As did click bait style advertising. RSD evolved alongside with it. In response PC culture also ratcheted up. It became fashionable to virtue signal and be a victim.

In all of this fog game has changed in terms of social acceptance and norms. But social and sexual dynamics remain the same at heart. The problem is the contradictions of an at once "liberal" culture that encourages "you go grrlll, yasss queen slay" attitudes whilst telling women to be strong and powerful and be wary of any glance from men as an attack. I can't imagine how confusing this must be to hormone driven young men and women. That's why you see the same girls that protest the patriarchy during the day dress up like sluts and go to frat parties at night.
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12-02-2019 10:21 PM
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