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Can you still enjoy sport in the GloboHomo age?
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RE: Can you still enjoy sport in the GloboHomo age?
(11-02-2019 08:32 AM)Elmore Wrote:  
(11-02-2019 07:59 AM)Bienvenuto Wrote:  
(11-02-2019 07:45 AM)Elmore Wrote:  BBC openly stating that Rugby World Cup in Japan was in part to "Change attitudes to Diversity here".

The whole GlobalSport is an unmitigated psy-op at this point.

(clip from BBC here)

Can't open the link where I am.

Change attitudes to diversity in the Uk? Or in Japan?

In Japan.

That it was in part chosen as host because by watching some Ngubus chase a ball around a field, they could have their eyes opened to all wonderful benefits of cuckholdery & ethnic collapse within their ancestral lands.

Not only that, but the diversity was being promoted Gareth Thomas, an openly homosexual former Rugby player with HIV...

The full 4 min segment is here :

Ha ha its a banned link in the homogenous ethno-state that I am currently residing in.

I can well imagine though.

I think sports awesome, playing it, watching it, the 'sporting community' that is.. who play it and follow it, play for, volunteer for, support their local clubs and of course watch the big teams and the big games.
I've got no time for the weird fanboys who have never played the game.

Robert Bly said a couple of decades ago that America used to be full of mens associations and clubs and societies, nowadays all that was disappearing.

My rugby club went from running 3 XVs in 2000 when I read that article to running precisely none nowadays.

Everyone knew that the TV was a waste of time, not so the oh-so-pressing demands of the internet.
No-one has any time or inclination for the rain and cold and mud anymore.
Its a loss.

The likes of Ebbw Vale and Bridgend, Newport, Newbridge, Cardiff, Neath Llanelli, steel towns and valley boys all reduced to these few bloodless and sanitised 'regions'.

Big money has fucked us. Rugby gone from its border heartland in Scotland.
And the game on the telly is all about endless replays and litigating for possible 'infringements' of the rules (we need ANOTHER angle cos no-one can tell..) that in the old days would have been ignored for nothing calls.

Dumb fricking post-wall dyed blond chicks anchoring rugby programmes..
Don't get me started.

Gareth Thomas released his HIV news because he had been 'forced to'. ie: a bunch of his Vauxhall rent boys were blackmailing him.
The moment he came out as gay he was guaranteed a TV spot.

Spare a thought for the likes of Duane Vermeulen - the Boer man of the match in the World Cup final tonight.

All the blue pilled white knights on the rugby websites saying that Siya Kolisi is some kind of hero. "Trolls' are told that they should show something of the class of Kolisi the SA captain..

Except that Kolisi's presence in the team last World Cup meant that his team lost a semi by only 2 points (and hence a final) that they would have won.

The ANC's racial quotas meant that Kolisi, the backrower, not only had to be in the team but that the best SA back row trio of Vermeulen Alberts and Willems (even Kwagga Smith) not only didn't get to play together but some of them had to stay at home. The difference between winning and losing..

Tonight Vermeulen (who has to play an endless winter overseas turning out for French teams and Japanese teams.. 150 top level SA players playing their first grade rugby overseas) and his giant back row partner Pieter Steph du Toit carried Kolisi all the way to lifting the cup.

They played like Replicants, doomed to extinction by virtue of who they are, they played with all the defiance of Milton's Fallen Angels whose "only crime was that they dared to imagine themselves as equal.."

Their coach Rassie, who has had to coach all over the world, found it was not good enough simply being a great coach.

He is now known as 'Mr Levels' because he can get young players to relax over a beer whilst similarly able to go across the room and tell an ANC politico exactly what he wants to hear.

Heroic in the face of terrible odds. Doing what it takes.

Tonight no longer the whipping boys, the what-might-have-beens, tonight these outlawed Replicants born on the wrong-side-of-history won it for every one back home.
11-02-2019 10:01 AM
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