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My wife doesn't love me anymore and I think we will get divorced. What should I do?
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My wife doesn't love me anymore and I think we will get divorced. What should I do?
Wife (25) of 3 years brought up that she doesn't love me (26) anymore, that she's unhappy, feels old with me, and wants to take a break. To me...that means it's over. I'm obviously the one more attached to her at this point, and want to make it work, but it doesn't look like I can do anything to save this.

She said she was unhappy a while ago, and I had a feeling it was due to me becoming lazy in the relationship. Thought I was getting it back on track after that conversation.

She mentioned that she felt the same excitement that she used to feel for me for someone else at work. Said that she didn't think she would feel that way again. This conversation happened on the friday night (2am, she couldn't sleep) after she went out for drinks with the person from work. She came back at 8pm, I don't believe anything happened between them.

This is coming at a time when I got a really nice job offer that requires us to move to the US. Late October to early November, it seemed like she was coming, although she was a little hesitant to leave her job. But I guess the date coming closer and closer has her more on the edge.

I've told a couple of close friends about this. It still doesn't feel real. Not sure when I should tell my parents.

We want to split savings equally, without it getting messy. No assets besides money in the bank. We rent a place. No kids. Just a dog, and she asked me if I wanted to take her.

I was caught by a surprise with this, thought it was getting better, not sure what I should do about the situation.
Supposed to be moving in early January. Do we continue to live together until then or try to split ASAP?
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