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My wife doesn't love me anymore and I think we will get divorced. What should I do?
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RE: My wife doesn't love me anymore and I think we will get divorced. What should I do?
Sounds like she already made the decision. I’d go full no-contact once the papers are signed. No calls, no texts, no emails, ever again. And when she tries to get back with you later after she gets bored of the current new guy, giving you heartfelt speeches about how she made a mistake and was too young to know better - but now she’s learned the error of her ways - don’t let it get to you. Just ignore and NEXT or she’ll lose any remaining respect for you and, probably, do the same thing again the second time.

And before someone gets on my case about forgiveness, I don’t believe that such instances usually involve genuine remorse and a cessation of the behavior involved. Too many stories to the contrary, and sometimes forgiveness actually just enables further abuse. Discernment is important.

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