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Girls are trying to monkeybranch to me - what to do
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RE: Girls are trying to monkeybranch to me - what to do
Great replies so far. I'll add my two cents and say that if I were in your position, I would look for a single, under 23 y.o woman first before looking to commit to a desperate mid 20s woman trying to find a guilt-free feel-good way out of her current, sterile relationship. If your value is as good as you, and apparently these women are making it out to be, why not put that value to good use and try and find a younger woman with the least baggage possible?

If a single, younger woman is not in the cards, then as many users have posted already, make sure you vet the girl you decide to pick thoroughly. Make it clear that you are looking to marry/have children/settle down with and not merely be a beta bux provider for her entertainment.

I just got out of my last relationship that lasted over 2 years recently where the woman monkey-branched to me. There were many reasons for this( I initiated the breakup), but to keep it on topic with this thread, I had to deal with a crazy beta "man" who was extremely upset that she broke off the relationship. Similar to your case, they were together for years, but he was never serious about marriage/children. Once she broke it off, he was obsessed with her and would not stop texting-emailing for months. She would block his number and he would get one of those online # spoofs and keep texting. When he found out she was with me soon after, it only made attempts to contact her worse. At one point, he threatened to attack her, but nothing came out from that thankfully. Needless to say, i was in a state of anxiety watching my and her back the first couple of months...not fun. Thankfully it subsided within 5 months or so and he stopped completely (as far as I knew)

Now, seeing how these younger men are probably on the naive-beta side, are you ready to deal with a man who is upset that his GF just broke up with him? Seeing how the women are the upset ones in the relationship, you can rest assured that the man will be the one hurt most and be the needy "please lets talk just one more time" may not happen in your situation, but I am giving you fair warning as I was in a similar position to you and actually went through with it. Heck, you might luck out and nothing like the above happens. I personally learned my lesson, and would never get with a girl who monkey-branches to me ever again... But in any case, good luck.
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