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Freemasonry - History, Influence, Symbology, Thought
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RE: Freemasonry - History, Influence, Symbology, Thought
One of the most important things, in my opinion, we must do to counteract the influence of freemasonry and likewise any other occult/esoteric group, is to reclaim the symbols they have taken for themselves. The symbols are actually very much important and it's why they are used. Western Christianity unfortunately has pretty much handed the symbols to the enemy. Two examples:

The pyramid with the eye at the top - we all know it, we have all been instructed on its esoteric meaning. But in fact, could there be a more perfect symbol for the triune God? The Father at the top and the Son and Holy Spirit proceeding from the Father. It's also, obviously, the structure of reality as hierarchy.

'As above so below'
- Mage was always spouting this against Christianity but to anyone who reads the Gospels with an open heart it should be obvious that Christ is the ultimate representation of this principle - the joining of Heaven and Earth, Life and Death, and so on. He even codified it in the Lord's Prayer. 'Our Father who art in Heaven, Hallowed by thy Name, Thy Kingdom Come, They will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven'.

So do not be frightened by their symbols. This is how they win, by stealing the subtext from reality, and it's why everything in Hollywood uses it - they take its power, and subvert it. This is why it's important for Christians to reclaim it. Eastern Christianity was able to keep it, and it's no surprise their hierarchies are much less prone to subversion - they kept the underlying structure of reality in their rituals and symbols, while the West succumbed to materialism and has pretty much thrown it away only for its enemies to use their power against us.

Here's a crosier (staff) from an Orthodox Bishop - it has two serpents facing each other. The materialist evangelical worldview sees occultism, when in fact its symbolism is a powerful Christian mystical statement:

[Image: Bishop-Vladimir-sokolovsky.jpg]

Here's an explanation.

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