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Alexa-like surveillance to fight 'microaggressions' in the workplace
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Alexa-like surveillance to fight 'microaggressions' in the workplace
If you thought #metoo was bad, just wait, it sounds like feminists are busy beavering away at new ways to make life miserable for the non-woke at work:

The Latest Feminist Idea Is 1984 Meets The Office

Researchers want to use Alexa-like surveillance to fight 'microaggressions' in the workplace.

Quote:If researchers at Northeastern University have their way, one day soon we will go to work and have not only our words but our thoughts and feelings monitored and analyzed by a listening gadget just like the smart speaker in our kitchen. Associate professors Christoph Riedl and Brooke Foucault Welles are in receipt of a $1.5 million grant from the U.S. Army Research Laboratory to come up with just such a device. They will spend the next three years studying how teams interact with each other and with smart devices “using a combination of social science theories, machine learning, and audio-visual and physiological sensors.” A key aim for their final product will be to ensure “the equal inclusion of all team members.

Quote:This yet-to-be-invented machine is already being heralded for its potential to revolutionize equality and diversity in the workplace by alerting users to instances of implicit bias. It will record verbal and nonverbal cues, as well as the “physiological signals” shared between members of a team. Then, having noted and analyzed all these tiny interactions and non-interactions, the speaker will make recommendations for improving inclusivity and productivity.

This seems like such a quintessentially female form of technology - a device that eavesdrops on people's conversations for the purpose of micromanaging every single thing they can say. One of the aforementioned researchers, Brooke Foucault Welles, has been tweeting justifications on the need for such technology:

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02-12-2020 01:13 PM
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