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Persuasive Condom Commercial
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RE: Persuasive Condom Commercial
(01-27-2017 10:54 PM)Rawmeo Wrote:  

I miss the good old days when our parents would beat us in the middle of the aisle if we acted up like this little shit in a grocery store. The other adults would offer to hold us down or give them a wooden spoon from the kitchen supplies aisle. It only happened one time and then you would get the threat of "I will give you something to cry about if you don't behave." That was more serious than a nuclear war when we were kids.

Now if we yell at any precious child, we get a knock on the door from "social services." Its not that I don't want to father my own children these days, I detest that I have to answer to a bunch of "adults" as to how I raise them when they clearly are being unruly degenerates.

Next time this happens in a store, I am going to give the parent a ruler and say "some of us like to shop in peace."
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01-27-2017 11:42 PM
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