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How ALEC Took Florida's 'License to Kill' Law National
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RE: How ALEC Took Florida's 'License to Kill' Law National
(03-24-2012 02:43 PM)BortimusPrime Wrote:  The stand your ground basically extends that to being out in public, where there really isn't any justification not to retreat from a assailant aside from pride. Now, who's going to pull out a gun and blow away someone who shoves him? A person who thinks their manhood is at stake if they don't respond violently. A normal person will attempt to withdraw, and if they have a weapon they'll pull it to try and scare the assailant off, and fire if the assailant chases them. Normal self-defense laws allow for that. This is why Stand Your Ground is a bad law, it's only protecting hotheads.
You are in the parking lot of the grocery store with your girlfriend. I see you from across the lot and call out 'hey asshole, I'm going to fuck you up', and pull a bat out of my car and start walking toward you (I'm 100 ft away at the time). So under the law you support, YOU, the innocent person, ARE REQUIRED to turn tail and run.

What happened to individual liberty?

Is that the society we want, where thugs and bullies can intimidate people into always retreating, knowing they have the weight of the law behind them?

As for the 'fire if the assailant chases them', that's a great way for bystanders to get shot. If you are going to shoot, best to shoot while you are standing and have a good view of the target, not when you are running and trying to shoot from behind you, when you cannot possibly get a good sight picture.
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