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How ALEC Took Florida's 'License to Kill' Law National
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RE: How ALEC Took Florida's 'License to Kill' Law National
Zimmerman's police issues were blown out of proportion (like everything else in this case). He had an ex that wanted nothing to do w/him, but everyone here knows how crazy chicks are so who knows what the real story was. He owed his credit card company money - no surprise, he certainly doesnt seem like the high earning type. As far as him calling the police 40 something times, yeah, he did, but that was over the course of 11 years. Thats basically once every 3 months, not a lot for a neighborhood watchman to be calling police in a high crime area.

I could be completely wrong here, but from what I've read and compiled you're not getting the whole truth from the media. First of all little Trayvon was 6'3. Secondly, he was in Orlando, not Miami where he lived, because he was suspended from school for 5 days, although the family attorneys have sealed the reason behind the suspension. Move along - nothing to see here. Thirdly, there was an eye witness who called police who said Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman punching him and Zimmerman was yelling for help, and that Zimmerman had grass stain on the back of his shirt, a broken nose, and needed stitches. Looked like little Trayvon put down the skittles and iced tea long enough to dish out an ass kicking. Lastly, the media reported that Zimmerman called him a 'fucking coon.' Listen to the tape yourself - it sounds an awful lot like 'fucking punk' moreso then anything else...
03-24-2012 09:46 PM
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