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How ALEC Took Florida's 'License to Kill' Law National
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RE: How ALEC Took Florida's 'License to Kill' Law National
(03-27-2012 10:38 PM)jariel Wrote:  
(03-27-2012 09:54 PM)assman Wrote:  But this is likely bullshit. For one thing it's not like Zimmerman hasn't seen a ton of black people before. We're talking about Sanford, FL. For another thing, Zimmerman apparently volunteer tutored black kids, which doesn't exactly make him Stormfront material.
Seems to me the first play out of the "I'm not a Racist" Playbook is to note how many black friends one has, how many black men/women one has fucked, or anything of the sort which is supposed to automatically rule out whether or not is one racist, prejudice, or bigoted. It means nothing. The Founding Fathers of this country couldn't stop swimming in Black women's pussies, but they never cared to make them or their people free people or even treat them as fellow human beings. NYPD's Justin Wolpe had a Black girlfriend, they didn't stop him from being a racist.

Zimmerman is a high school graduate who's been fiddling around at a second-class community college since 2003. He's been arrested three different times for violence-related situations. He might have been doing community service, as he hardly qualifies for the type of individual who should be mentoring anybody, especially young Black American kids.
Ummm banging black chicks and tuturing black kids is not the same thing. Whether he qualifies in your mind to tutor anybody is besides the point. He was doing it. I'm guessing that guys who hate black people don't volunteer to tutor black kids. Is that an unreasonable assumption?

(03-27-2012 10:38 PM)jariel Wrote:  
(03-27-2012 09:54 PM)assman Wrote:  Now we come to find out that Martin is a lot more shady than the babyfaced pics of when he was 12/13yrs old seemed to suggest. Drugs, possible theft, possible swinging at a bus driver, gold teeth sporting, multiple school suspensions, reports he was flashing a lot of cash (for a kid anyway).
I live in Miami and volunteer with kids. The Latin American and Black American boys do the grills just for fun, it doesn't mean they're gangsters. We make fun of the "Kendall thugs" all the time, these are self-professed White "Hispanics" who act more like society-manufactured Black people.

White American kids will drive into the hood to cop weed and beeks if they have to, so let's fall back on a bag with "traces of weed" as meaning this kid was some sort of big time drug dealer or had a drug problem -- especially considering the blood test they did him on came back clean.
I'm not saying he's a dealer. I'm saying he is more shady than the initial media reports painted him out to be. Maybe Zimmerman picked up on shady behavior. The guy has a lot of experience with neighborhood watch.

(03-27-2012 10:38 PM)jariel Wrote:  
(03-27-2012 09:54 PM)assman Wrote:  Right, let's focus on the facts, which many of the people on the Martin 'side' are not doing. They are jumping to conclusions (ironically this is what they are accusing Zimmerman of doing) and calling for Zimmerman's head.

1. We don't know that Zimmerman attacked Martin. Confronting Martin to ask what he's doing there is NOT a crime.

2. It is possible that Marin was the aggressor here and the eyewitness testimony here, while not at all definitive on that issue, does not contradict this scenario.

3. Zimmerman was clearly getting his ass whooped, including having his head pounded into the pavement (hence the blood on the back of his head). I suspect everyone here understands that if your head hits pavement enough times with enough force, you are going to get seriously hurt.

Every piece of evidence in Zimmerman's favor starts with "Zimmerman says".
Furthermore, we have one "witness" who apparently has chosen to remain anonymous, unlike ALL the other witnesses who have come forward, and is the only witness who didn't bother to call 911. The other 2 "witnesses" on his side are nothing more than character witnesses for the court of public opinion. They have nothing to do with the case whatsoever. They're using one white guy to say "I'd do the same thing" and the other is the token Black dude who will support the "He's not a racist" meme.
If I were a witness whose story favored Zimmerman, I sure as fuck would want to remain anonymous. Black Panthers bounty. Spike Lee retweeting what he thought was Zimmerman's address. The flash mob into the convenience store today. The witness would have to be insane to want to be identified.

You have not identified any evidence that points to Zimmerman being guilty of anything.
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03-27-2012 11:01 PM
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