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How ALEC Took Florida's 'License to Kill' Law National
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RE: How ALEC Took Florida's 'License to Kill' Law National
(04-02-2012 09:54 PM)assman Wrote:  jariel, if that go kart incident went down as reported, that bitch needs to do serious prison time. That's just fucking ridiculous.

I think you seem to understand what I get at with my messages.

When you look at an incident like with Jules Moor or Trayvon Martin, the question is, how can someone not be held accountable for that?

How can society tell that woman she doesn't have to suffer any consequences for running down a 13 year-old with her SUV based off her own irrational reasoning?

How can society tell George Zimmerman he doesn't have to suffer any consequences for stalking down a 17-year old and shooting him in the chest after provoking an incident based off his own irrational reasoning?

What I don't understand is why does this society chooses to send a message to people of color that they can't be victims. That they are not protected by the same laws as other people.

We can talk about Zimmerman and self-defense or SYG all day, but what rights did Trayvon have? Even if he did break his nose and all that, wasn't he justified to fight for his life?

I side with those are truly innocent victims. I get accused of being racist or whatever, but if Trayvon got shot in the course of a robbery, I wouldn't support him. Things are about right and wrong, and unfortunately, the way I see it, in this society, a lot of what's perceived as right and wrong is predicated off race.

I know a lot of people disagree with me, but I can't see it any other way. I look at situation after situation, and I can't honestly tell myself that if we reversed the roles, if we made George Zimmerman and Deanna Johnson black, that they also would be allowed to go home to their families, and not to Central Booking.
04-02-2012 10:31 PM
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