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How ALEC Took Florida's 'License to Kill' Law National
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RE: How ALEC Took Florida's 'License to Kill' Law National
(04-14-2012 11:56 AM)Blackhawk Wrote:  
(04-14-2012 06:16 AM)playa_with_a_passport Wrote:  Z is not a police officer, he had no right to chase, stop and confront Trayvon.

I think you're confusing words here. See, legally, "confront" means "to see face to face".

Now do I have a right to assault and battery someone without being a police officer? It depends. Do even police officers have the right to assault and battery people? It depends. Do I have the right to look upon people's faces and identify them? ALWAYS.

Of course you can, this still doesn't change my main point which is you can't stop strangers on the streets and detain them. You have a right to approach and make small talk, they at the same time have the right to tell you to fuck off(I see it on the subway all the time).

Quote:Are you really saying it's illegal for me to chase after girls, stop them, look them in the face, and ask where the nearest blah-blah-blah is? I certainly hope not.

false equivalency, a more fitting analogy would be for you to chase a group of girls around at night, they start running, you stop them and get into a physical confrontation with them and one of them ends up dead.

Quote:Now when Zimmerman was still in his truck starting his call to the the police and Trayvon started to stare him down, was that confront, or was that assault? Only if Trayvon was brandishing a weapon or taking an aggressive pose (hard to take seriously against a guy in a vehicle --he's going to punch Zimmerman's truck?) would it be assault.

lol, let's stop this jerk circle right now. Since you like analogies so much, how about this one? You are 17 walking home alone at night during pouring rain minding your own business and then you notice some strange man is staring at you from a car. A few second later this individual exits the car and begins to walk towards you. What do you do? If you say you would just stand there and wait to see what happens because you figured he has the " right to look upon people's faces and identify them" Then I am wondering what you were taught as a child. Growing up in the hood I was always taught when in doubt, you run.

Quote:Although we do know Trayvon was part of a Fight Club and so knew how to take an aggressive stance (video)
I am confused....Maybe is my public school education but I don't see your point....Please explain to me how is a video of of high school kids horsing around relevant? This is now getting beyond silly now. Now if that video look something close to this you would have a point.

(04-14-2012 06:16 AM)playa_with_a_passport Wrote:  As a civilian you have absolutely no right to do "Terry Stops"

Why no! Now that you mention it, when I'm being neighborly to people, I don't tell them to assume the position up against a car, handcuff them, and frisk them for weapons.

Which is what a "Terry Stop" is in the US.

I have never read a single report that Zimmerman told Trayvon to assume the position, handcuffed him, and then frisked him for weapons. Would you mind including a link to your source?

Failing that, could you please not make shit up? It only obscures the conversation.

Again, I am not getting into a flaming war with you. Funny, you didn't even read you own source.

The very first sentence of the wikipedia article.

Quote:In the United States, a Terry stop is a brief detention of a person by police[1] on reasonable suspicion of involvement in criminal activity but short of probable cause to arrest.

further down the article it says the following

Quote:A traffic stop is, for practical purposes, a Terry stop

And let's not miss this little gem.

Quote:the Court also held that police may do a limited search of the suspect’s outer garments for weapons if they have a reasonable and articulable suspicion that the person detained may be “armed and dangerous”.[4] When a search for weapons is authorized, the procedure is known as a “stop and frisk”.

In other words, all a terry stops means is a stop that you are not free to go while the police is talking to you. Its up to the individual cop to decide whether hes going to use force to get you to stay put. Further, if you run away the police is allowed to pursue you and forcibly detain you. Civilians do not get this right. You, Z or whoever doesn't have the right as a civilian to chase strangers around and attempt forcibly stop them.

Again, I am not making shit up, the below is not in dispute.

Trayvon was walking home.
Z exited his vehicle.
Z followed/Chased Trayvon.
Trayvon is dead.
Z is not a police officer.
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04-14-2012 09:06 PM
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