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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
(04-14-2015 10:44 AM)heavy Wrote:  I'm adding this to my game...
I watch the clock, pulling out at the five minute mark and telling her "That's all you're getting for now. Meet me tonight and we'll finish the job."

This is Obsession Game I run during relationships. I'd suggest - given Millennial girls and their issues - to only run this game when you've already banged the girl, and have shown firm, unwavering dominance over her during the act. She has to have accepted and must relish the submissive role.

I consider it a move to deliberately-frustrate and confuse them as to my feelings about them: women thrill in emotional uncertainty. To her, I've suddenly gone from 100 to 0 in the space of a moment, and am firm and controlling in my refusal to re-engage. She's used to her pussy being powerful, and men doing anything for it, and here I am, still hard, with the self-control to stop cold during sex.

She will remain sexually-frustrated until I'm ready - bitching and pleading ignored - and only then will I give her release. Over the next few hours, she gets wet from the anticipation; is turned on by the seemingly-cruel nature of deliberately frustrating her; wonders why her pussy can't control me like it controls other men - how much pussy have I had to be so cold to it?; and clearly-understands I consider her pussy mine to own in my own time, not hers.

Don't be a total bastard. Make it fun. I'd give an ex half-a-bang in her office toilets during her break, then would take her panties and say she'll get them back later. Lean over her, lean in close, surround her, talk low and controlled, use your physical size and your eyes as you stroke her clit: "I want to leave here knowing you're sitting there in the office with the other normal, boring girls, looking so innocent, feeling your pussy exposed, feeling so wicked, wondering if someone will be able to tell, all the while knowing you're going to get fucked hard - so, so hard baby girl - later tonight."

Yeah, it sounds like bad porn, but if you've established dominance and a sense of ownership, and keep teasing her with texts for the rest of the day, she'll throw herself on you later.

You can do this in non-penetrative form. You might be cutting between buildings or in an elevator ride. Throw her against a wall, bite her neck, cup her pussy through her clothes, tell her how hot she makes you and how you want to fuck her right there, where anyone could see. Then withdraw firmly and drag her onwards. The rule of thumb: emotional rollercoaster, never predictable, leave her breathless.

Like anything, mix it up, or she'll grow bored. You need to be a very dominant man.

Good luck, man.
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