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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
+1 25 y/o, 7.5/10, FOB Chinese, Wechat

First bang on home soil after getting back from Vietnam 4 days ago.

Similar thing happened after my overseas trip last year. Carried that form upon touching down. It's a good feeling, even if the notch is still technically with that of a foreigner.

Set up a dinner date for last night. I sent a confirmatory text about an hour prior, to confirm she knew how to get to the venue.

I suggested that I could pick her up if need be. She was agreeable to that.

Note - even if you have to travel a little out of your way, you set yourself up for success by doing this. Not only do you get to build some comfort on the way to the venue, but naturally, you have to take her home too. If you get knocked back on the offer of a "movie" at your place later, you can always weasel your way in to her house with the "bathroom" line.

Fortunately for me, she agreed to come back for a movie, although admittedly she did give me that skeptical African kid meme look, but eventually relented.

[Image: WLKp6Q9.jpg]

Really quite a pretty face. Her eye shape was unique for Chinese too, with a certain roundness to them (the lower lid seemed to be out-of-the-ordinary). Flawless and smooth skin - porcelain-like. I place huge importance on this (not so much the whiteness, but the quality).

She put up a cursory level of LMR, but had a cheeky grin on her face the whole time. After she started getting into the kissing phase, I removed the protective shorts she had on underneath her dress. She was surprised that I managed to get them off, but her pussy was more than pleased judging by how wet she was.

No more resistance from here on in. A nice lay, and will go back for more.

After I dropped her home, I continued chatting with a chick from earlier in the day, and we’d agreed to meet for coffee the next day, however she was dropping bait such as “I’m lonely”, and “I live alone” – both of which were unprompted.

This is the message exchange that followed (bear in mind I've never met this chick before):


As you can see, was not successful with that bang, but it sure would’ve been a nice little double up in the space of a few hours.

Oh well.
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