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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
+1, Tinder, 7th notch for the year, Indonesian flag, 21 year old 7

I've been getting a lot of flags recently without deliberately trying to do so. I think my last 3 notches have all been flags (Vietnamese, Mauritian & Indonesian).

Matched with this girl off Tinder at the start of the week and she looked cute. Hit her up with "2 questions, 1 lie" and her response was "I study chemistry, I read erotic poetry and I've been to a nudist beach", doesn't matter which ones the lie that is a sexual response.
We go through that for a bit and then move on to talking about salsa and tango dancing. In my view that's another dtf sign as those dance styles are very sensual/sexual.

I already had a date scheduled for Saturday night but it was starting early so I scheduled to meet this girl for a drink later as she was going to be out to dinner in the same area. I figured if my first date went well I'd just cancel on her. She hit me up on the day to confirm which is always a good sign.

My first date ran over time but didn't lead anywhere. HB8 in her pictures turned out to be a 7 who swears way too much and can't cook. Debating whether I'll try for date 2 to get the bang with that one.
Anyway, this girl was chasing me about where we were meeting so I knew she was keen. Text her a bar to meet me at a nice cocktail bar and it ended up being closed when I got there which was weird. I asked the bouncer at the place next door and he said it had been open the day before. I figured fuck it and just went into that bar instead and text her to meet me there.

She text me when she was at the front door so I went and got her. The place was pretty packed and had a grungy underground vibe which I think she found intimidating which is why she hadn't ventured in to find me. She was cuter in person than in her photo's with some nice curves which are often lacking on asian girls. There weren't any spare seats so I said "hi, lets grab a drink", grabbed her hand, turned around and led the way through the press to the bar. We chatted briefly while waiting to be served and I got kino going straight away.
Thankfully some seats had opened up by the time we got our drinks so we grabbed those and she didn't even try and sit across from me but instead straight away in a spot that was close to me and allowed me to touch her easily.

I ran my usual first date game DHV stories and pretty much straight away our knees were touching. While she didn't touch me back she had no issue with me touching her and was very engaged with me. Looking back now I should have escalated harder as she was clearly into me from the first. However instead we had a couple of drinks at that bar during which I moved us to a booth that became free. As soon as we got settled in the booth I grabbed her chin and went in for the kiss which she accepted and returned eagerly. We finished our drinks and made out a bit more as the place started closing down around us.

I should have just bounced her home here but for some reason I still thought she needed more work so I bounced us to another bar instead. I didn't even bother getting us a drink at the next bar, just pulled her into a booth and started making out with her heavily. Thankfully my brain finally clicked that she was DTF so I grabbed her hand and told her we were getting out of there. She asked me "Back to your place?" to which I said "Yeah" and she replied "Good." We get an Uber back to my place where there is zero LMR and I get the bang. She has a nice body under the clothes with those soft curves I mentioned earlier. It was a good hair pulling, arse spanking up against the wall bang.
I bang her again that night and once more in the morning before telling her I've got stuff to do so she gets the train home.

Will definitely bang again.
04-28-2015 05:54 AM
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