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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
About as solid of a day/night as I could have asked for.

Left my house solo at about 3pm to Pier 13 in Hoboken. Unbelievably good tipsy daygame spot. Chatted up a few average girls in line for beers to get warmed up, which was very uneventful. Right outside the bar, there are a ton of food trucks since the bar itself doesnt serve any food. I bought lunch at an exotic food truck that served uncommon meats - I spotted a cute chick right after I ordered my food and opened her with this:

"I just ordered a yak burger."

I just shut the fuck up and stared at her - after a moment she asked me if I ordered a puke burger. LOLs ensuesd. Started a conversation that lasted an hour and a half - turned out she was there alone with her sister and her sisters BF. The sister gave me the nod and left shortly thereafter; however, it was still only 5:30PM at this point and I was not in the mindset to try and close any deals. We had a great intimate chat, exchanged numbers and went our separate ways around 6pm. Just as she left, my friend and his two roommates arrived.

All three of them went to Florida State together - one of them is girl. She was showing off her AMAZING tits, tight 25 y/o tanned bod, and reasonably cute face. Much to my surprise, she was all over me from the moment she arrived, taking it upon herself to sit on my lap with her arms around me even though there was comfortable seating very close by. She asked me and another friend to go back to her apartment in NYC to watch the Mayweather fight. At about 9pm, shes lounging all over me while simultaneously scrolling through Tinder and Happn - a very mixed signal.

I make eyes to my friend and text him the scenario. He suggests that she is probably just a cocktease and I agree. We opt to leave and take the path back to Hoboken.

Once we get back, my friend and I hit an Irish bar close to the Path. He immediately spots a hot girl he banged off Tinder and she is with 3 other female friends. He suggests we approach them so I can have a warm lead to her friends. One of them is a smoking hot bleached blond white girl with lovely fake tits - solid 8. We introduce each other with a handshake and I say "ah come on - give me a kiss." I just meant a kiss on the cheek, but when I went in, she kissed me on lips. I knew it was a layup at this point.

We danced, made out, and felt up on each other for another 5 minutes. I was only in the bar for 20 minutes total. I took her home, and sucked on her tits in the back of the cab. Once we got home, I licked her pussy and ate her ass like Kobayashi. While I was stripping her down, Krauser's giant nerdy daygame textbook was in plain view on my kitchen table. Laugh In the bedroom, I aggressively jammed my entire thumb in her butthole while fucking her doggystyle. After we were done, she told me she was a mom of a 5 year old girl.

Before she left, I took her upstairs to show her my rooftop that has a cool view of NYC. Accidentally locked us out! It was 130am at this point so we had to take the fire escape ladder all the way down to the ground.

Dropped her off at her friends place and was so amped up that I went back out to my favorite drunk pizza spot to do some end-of-the-night street game. Got two solid numbers and set up a date for tomorrow.

Feeling content.
05-03-2015 04:34 AM
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