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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
+1 Coffee Meets Bagel

7 face, 6.5 body, 29 (unfortunately) she looked 25

Well I had to start somewhere again, it's been a few weeks since I got a new notch.


Coffee Meets Bagel app - got her number in less than 5 exchanges.

We barely talk over this last week, both take long times to reply.

Finally sent the "am I wasting my time texting you" text.

She responded no I don't think so - I struck while the iron was hot - 2 days later we met last night.

The Meetup:

We meet at a local dive bar I bring all new girls to, she asked me about work and a few other things.

It was hard to chat over annoying drunk karaoke singer.

I killed my drink fast - tell her we're bouncing - I suggest she drives with me to the next venue, she agrees.

She drops a joke about how my car was fully tinted and no lights were on and that I could be a serial killer. I flip the script on her and tell her she probably already roofied me and has a handgun in her purse.

She gets a good laugh, we arrive at venue 2.

A regular bartender/host greets us as we sit down in both with my date sitting to the left of me.

Bartender tries to remember my regular drink and does. A little social market value.

We chat some more, talk about guns, I drop bait in regards to me building an AR-15 without serial numbers.

Something about guns excite girls, she listens intently and wants to check it out - I tell her if she turns out alright and she's lucky she might see it tonight.

We talk about some other stuff then I grab her hand and ask her to explain her wrist tattoos which she does, I held her wrist the entire time.

We talk about positive vibes and attitudes. She's surprised I'm so blunt and open about things, we talk about drugs and music festivals, I tease her about being a coke fiend since she's constantly rubbing her nose.

At this point I'm just being cocky, confident, and funny.

She orders some whiskey and a chaser twice, I take two shots and two drinks.

We start talking about movies and suggest we watch a certain one we talked about and she check out my gun, she agrees.

And no point have I kissed her or touched her beyond her wrists.

We bounce, right as I'm pulling out of the venue she thought she was following me home, I assure her car is fine at the bar.

The Bang:

We get home, I throw on the movie, show her my rifle, she's a bit scared at first, but I break it down for her, show her some different mags, and the actual bullets.

We lay down watch some of the movie, I keep teasing her, her face is close to mine, I start making out with her.

Go for her neck and ear, pull her top down, suck on her tits, take her top off, kiss and bit her lip ears and tits.

A few minutes later her bottoms are off and it's go time, NO LMR, throw on a condom, bang for who knows, the condom almost get stuck in her but I grab it quickly and make sure nothing got out.

By this time I'm pretty buzzed, no way I'm driving on cinco de mayo. I turn off the movie, she has to get up the same time I do anyways, we pass out.

Bonus Round:

We wake up, then in and out of sleep, I've got a semi headache, then I get a boner and poke her with it, I'm too lazy to look for a condom so I grab her hand and have jack me off.

She ends up giving me head, she actually was pretty damn good at it and made me cum pretty fast (probably helped that I needed to piss). She doesn't swallow which is lame.

I shower, offer her mouthwash - drop her off at her car.

Come back home make breakfast, prep my food for the day and bounce to work.


My game was on autopilot and this was a lay up bang.

This didn't take much work at all, I could tell almost automatically she was into me. It wasn't that hard to have her qualify herself.

It just was strangely....easy. Probably right place, right time, good game.

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