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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
+1 Coffee Meets Bagel, back to back bangs, attempting on a hat trick bang tonight

Indian flag (YES me being of Indian origin, I've never banged an Indian girl before)

Originally I thought she was a solid 8 with a nice body.

Turns about she's 7's all around in person. Maybe even a flat 7 - to be honest I was a bit bummed. She knows how to pose for pics pretty damn good - even with the selfies.


Met her on the app, took a day to close her number.

This was a long game slow burn text. Took about 2 weeks, our schedules never worked out.

Finally decide to meet up at a local I take girls too.

The Meetup:

She gets lost, I have her meet me out front.

The first thing that happens when I walk in is I see my first ever girlfriends family, I was super close to them. They greeted me like an old friend - it was really great seeing them. Gotta love social validation at work.

I didn't introduce the girl to them and then sat at the bar with her facing away from the door, almost instantly her body is completely turned towards me while my body language is pointed at the bar.

My bartender homegirl is working I chat it up with her a bit, I noticed my date seems a bit flustered and mumbles "well you just know everyone, do you come here often with girls"

I reply with "what can I say I'm a popular guy and I only come here with cute ones" -smirk- she laughs....very loud - one of a many to come.

We start chatting up about backgrounds, places we've been, things we do, where we lived, a major city we're both near, etc.

At this point my talking is on autopilot however I noticed I'm getting a little bit more buzzed than usual so I slow down.

She starts laughing more and more, slaps my arm more, tells me im flexing, and holds onto it longer and longer.

At this point her loud laughs were getting a tad bit annoying and I'm talking in a low slow and deep tone.

She tries to figure out what I do for work (I told her what I do is pretty confidential and if I told her, I'd have to kill her). She asked a few times during the night but I'd switch subjects, just to pissed her off.

We talk about TV and movies how I never see them but I suggest we watch this hilarious movie that came out a bit ago.

She ignores the bait and we keep talking, we get into sports, then we get into guns.

Like I said with the bang before - there's something about guns that excites and turns girls on.

I started breaking down how it works and what I did by machining it etc.

I tell her if she's lucky she can check out my rifle when we're watching the movie. That she's lucky I'm still sticking around so far.

She asks why, I tell her she's chill, not crazy, and we're having decent convos.....so far (gotta instill a little dread and qualify herself).

A somewhat friend of mine sits at the bar near me, we start talking sports with my girl in the middle of all things. More social validation.

She leaves to the bathroom and I my bartender homegirl says "damn Kaotic you always come in here and now I realize you have some good game" I say with a smirk "I have no idea what you're talking about ?"

Bartender laughs and says "well you're good at it, and it's bartender speak" she nods her head "I have to give you props, you're good"

This boosted my ego bigtime of course.

My girl comes back, I keep the convo going and then again suggest we bounce.

I can sense their is a little token resistance going on - she mentions it's a bit late.

I look at my watch right in front of her and called her an old granny and say thats bullshit.

I tell her to suck it up and to roll with me, she agrees.

We take gnarly shot of liquor straight.

As we're talking she's standing and leaning into me putting my hand on her lower back. She pulls my beard - I pull her hair. It's getting interesting, I can tell she wants me to kiss her but I don't.

The Bang:

We're walking into the garage and:
She says "you're totally not 5'10" like your profile says"
Kaotic "I never said I was"
She says "yeah but your profile did"
kaotic "I barely know how to use the thing and it won't let me edit shit, so oh well"

I've got problems streaming the movie, so she logs into her netflix account......which shows 3 girls who've logged into netflix on my PC. Laugh

She's was like ohh whose all this, I'm all "I have no idea but I did steal my friends sisters account." Angel

I whip out my rifle, break it down for her, show her proper trigger finger etiquette and proper standing stance for shooting. I start explaining things about the rifle, different ammunition, magazines, etc.

She's fascinated by it, then the movie starts.

She immediately lays on her side holding onto me, we start making out.

This chick is fucking HORNY and things get rough real quick, we're biting each others lips, semi scratching backs.

I rip buttons on her top exposing her bra and pulling the fuck out of her hair. We switch being on top of eachother.

I whip out her tits...semi nice unfortunately a gapper set of tits when on her back.

Her body was ok, for a girl who works out alot and does MMA it should be way better.

I team blitzkrieged the fuck out of her and she's moaning and getting louder.

She says, "I want to fuck so bad" I don't say a word and start unbuttoning her pants.

She immediately grabs my hand and says, "Wait no ! I can't"

Kaotic "Why"

Girl "I'm on my period"

Kaotic "So ? It's not a big deal"

Girl "I've never done that"

Kaotic "I've got a black towel, it's not a problem."

I'm on top of her and we lay there for a bit making out.

I freeze her out and say "go to the bathroom, handle it, and come back" -slap her ass-

She walks to the bathroom.

She comes back and lays down, we keep making out and I'm sucking on her nipples.

She says, "Do you NEED a condom" NOT if I have a condom.

This chick BROUGHT condoms with her, she knew what was going down.

It's also a semi red flag.

The condom fit weird, throw down a towel, and her pussy is tight as fuck I could barely get it in and she's already yelling pretty loud.

I'm finally in and we're banging then tells me to stop, she isn't that wet.

I start pulling her hair again, choking her, and sucking on her tits.

She's wet again and it's go time, we bang for a bit more, then I tell her to stand off the bed doggy style.

But when I pull out and look down....yup there's some blood accumulating on the condom.

I go soft and play it off like I'm just tired and blame whiskey dick.

She's super concerned and asked me if I was ok a few times and called me babe a few times also.

I told her it's all good, shit happens, it's whiskey dick. I go wash up and come back.

I lay there and told her, "Well that escalated quickly, I totally didn't expect that, I didn't know" - using beta strategy to calm any worries.

She said "yeah I didn't either but I had fun" - says the girl who brought condoms Dodgy

I can tell she's still concerned asking if I'm okay with everything that happened Laugh

She looks through her snapchat and says a name I'm familiar with - in my head I'm a bit freaked out because she knows a girl that I know.

She tells me she needs to leave soon - perfect.

I drive her back and she says "so do you do this with all your CMB girls?" I laugh and say "I've had this for 2 weeks and met 2 other girls that didn't really interest me, I might just delete the app"

Some Fallout:

When I wake up I delete our mutual friend off FB and block her on IG and turn my IG private.

2 hours later our mutual friend messages me and asks if she pissed me off and if I hate her Hamster

I ask what she's talking about, she explains what I did - I play it off that I have an app that was cleaning out FB and IG friends.

She drops the line that she knows the girl I took on a date.

I tell her my date never mentioned her and that this is crazy she knows her.

The mutual friend tells me she was honest with my date and said we hadn't talked in years, and that my date is a friend, but not that close.

The reason I had blocked our mutual friend is because I didn't want my date creeping my FB or IG.


Overall she had a very loud personality, a bit too much for me, I definitely wont be banging her again, I could get way better quality.

She's one of those strong independent women who curses like a sailor.

She surprisingly didn't wreak much of Princess Jasmine syndrome either, but you can tell some was there.

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