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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)

#24 and #25 for 2015

Both were textbook Zero Date Bang conquests.

I am starting to ask girls what kind of booze they like up front. Then the day of the "date" I tell them "I just bought a bottle of (booze she said she liked) for us to sample later."

Both girls were like "well how about we meet somewhere public first."

And since I had planted the alcohol seed earlier, I told them both "well, I already bought the booze. So meeting here is my final offer :-) "

Both girls agreed to come over, and it was a done deal from there.


Interestingly, #24 wasn't that hot, but she was very skinny with long hair and I liked her disposition. She was kind of a hippy. The sex was excellent and I already banged her out a 2nd time yesterday because I liked having sex with her.

Weirdly, even though she isn't hot, I will probably try to see her a third time before. Good sex is good sex and I'm not one to turn down a girl that knows how to ride a dick.


#25 was a little spitfire. 23 years old, short, thin, and a real spunky personality. I know a lot of guys don't like these over-the-top-American girls, but this chick made me laugh out loud a number of times when we were hanging out. Genuine laughing too, she had me cracking up with some of the shit she was saying.

I knew within 30 seconds that we were going to fuck. I think I am developing a sixth sense for this shit. I swear it's in their eyes and body language that they want to get dicked down. I can't put my finger on it, but I haven't been wrong about my intuition in a long time.


Zero LMR from both girls too. I skimmed through Rollo Tomassi's book The Rational Male a few days ago and he talks about how LMR is a bogus topic, wherein players shouldn't have to deal with it. In other words, the girl should be so attracted to you that there is no LMR.

So, I was glad to have two experiences that followed this logic, because I agree with him. Whenever a girl puts up resistance, the sex is never ever as good as a girl who is GoodToGo and ready to fuck.


I've got two new girls lined up for this weekend. Tomorrow I've got setup as a Half Date Bang. This is where she wants to come directly over, but is too nervous, so I agree to meet her near my house "first, to make sure we like each other." But with the expectation that if we like one another, we are going to beeline for my pad.

The other girl is a fucking sexy as hell tall blonde with country hips and a big smile. I can't wait to fuck her.

I'm giving the odds of both girls to be about 80% chance of success.
05-16-2015 01:09 AM
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