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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
(05-22-2015 10:28 PM)CleanSlate Wrote:  +1... 14th on the year... if my count is correct, my lifetime notch total now matches my age. It's getting fuzzier and harder to keep track, though.

Easy but weird tinder bang, with a twist: she's married - something that I didn't find out until AFTER the fact. So on Wednesday, I get a match, and I open her with "hey naughty naughty! Wink"

Her response shocks the socks off me: "yes I am naughty, do you like to fuck?"

My initial reaction eek Blink gives way to Suspicious maybe she's just fucking with me... so I respond in kind: "Of course I do, I like to pull out my 15 incher and pound a dripping wet pussy like a jackhammer until her legs turn into jelly."

Her: "Wow"
Me: "Yeah, you're not some cam girl hitting up thirsty men for money, are you?"
Her: "haha no, I just like to fuck. this is a hook up app isn't it"
Me: "Just so I know you're real, come on over tonight." (note this is 2 days ago)
Her: "not tonight, but I will come over when I wanna fuck"
Me: "oh so you're not really serious, you're just messing with me?"
Her: "noo i'm not messing with u, i said i will come over when I want"
Me: "tonight"
Her: "not tonight"

I conclude that she is a troll at this point, and mentally next her. I don't respond.

Then this morning, she hits me up:

Her: "hey how r u"
Me: "I'm great. You looking for a good hard fuck tonight?"
Her: "yes whats ur address"
Me: xxxxxxx
Her: "what time"
Me: "meet me at 7, and give me your #"
Her: "ok see u at 7. xxx-xxx-xxxx"

I'm still suspicious because this seems WAY too easy. But at least I'm not investing anything into this. A couple hours beforehand, I text her telling her where to park, but I was fully expecting her to flake.

Half an hour later and to my surprise, she texts back and says "k I'll let u know when I'm on my way, I'm coming straight from work". I start worrying that she's another SIF because this is TOO EASY.

And she shows up. No SIF. Skinny, nice ass, smallish tits, and an ok face... looks like she's half Mexican, age 27. Pleasantly surprised... I'm wondering what the fuck just happened, this just dropped in my lap?!

First thing she asks is not a "how are you" or even a "nice to meet you", it was "can I smoke in your place?" I say, "uh, no I don't smoke and I don't like it in my place. You can smoke out here and we'll chat, and then when you're done, we go in." She says ok and I help her light up. Small talk while she smokes. Then we go up to my place, and I try to escalate, but she wants to talk some more. A little more small talk about brothers and sisters, and our nationalities. I attempt to escalate more, saying "I've never experienced a half-mexican before" while going in for the kiss, and grabbing her ass. She couldn't resist and the clothes quickly came off and I sit her up on the kitchen counter and stick my cock in (wrapped), and start hammering away.

She moans loudly, and digs her fingernails into my butt as I'm pounding her. Then I take her down, turn her around, bend her over, and go doggy on her. Cum on her back. She loves it.

Then here's the weird part. She starts crying. I ask "what's wrong, you ok?"
Her: "Nothing, I'm just emotional" (as she fans her face with her hands)
Me: "Okay..."
Her: "I don't know, I just haven't been fucked like this in months"
Me: "Really?"
Her: "My husband just isn't into it anymore, not since we had a baby"
Me: "ummm... what?"
(she repeats herself, but I ask her to write it down on a pen and pad to make sure I understand what I think she is saying)
Me: "you mean you're married? and you have a kid?"
Her: "yes sorry, I just needed sex so bad, I'm not getting it at home" (cries)

I hug her, pat her on the back, feeling awkward, but saying "uh, it's okay baby, it's ok..."

She turns into a blubbering mess about how she's such a terrible person for getting sex on the side with a 'wonderful' husband and a 'beautiful' baby at home. I start having flashbacks to when I was married myself, and my wife was cheating on me... I felt like I was in twilight zone, as if life was trying to demonstrate what it was like on the other side of the coin.

I tell her that if she cares about her husband and kid, that she needs to go home and work things out with him.. and that there may be a reason that she and her husband aren't getting it on at home, and they need to figure out what it is... and that she should go home now.

She just left. On her way home, she texted me "thank you for listening, and for the wonderful fuck, I needed that."

Here I am, just ... what's the word... bewildered?

No need to be bewildered; I assume that this is your first experience with hooking up with a married woman so I will tell you that what happened here is the stereotypical script for how these hookups happen.

Point by point:

1)- Being very direct and quick about her interest in sex. Married women are shockingly blunt about wanting to get fucked; it's the only reason they are talking to you in the first place and they will cut right to the chase. They are not looking for a relationship -they are looking for dick.

2)- Setting the agenda- "I will come over when I wanna fuck". They have family and often work responsibilities and you as a toyboy are well down the list. Everything happens according to their schedule and horniness level. You won't hear from them for sometimes weeks or even months they suddenly you will get a text "Can you meet at 1 today?"

3)-Lack of flaking- If they make an appointment to meet, they rarely flake. They are serious about making it happen.

4)- Coming straight to your place- They don't want to be seen with a man in public, so they will often come right to your hotel or house.

5) Meeting while they are in transit-very often they will set a meeting on their lunch hour, while coming from work, or while they are supposed to be out shopping. That way they don't have to say they are at a specific place and risk not actually being there.

6)-Fucking with few preliminaries- They are not interested in getting to know you apart from a little small talk to establish some comfort. They want to get right to the meat of the action so to speak because they have limited time and want to get what they came for.

7) Sexually hungry- A lot of these women aren't getting fucked often or well or at all at home. Maybe the husband has low libido, or is impotent, or they aren't getting along or he's getting sex outside the marriage or maybe she is not attracted to him anymore. In any case, these are some of the most sexually ravenous women you will ever encounter. What they are risking to get sex tells you how badly they want sex.

8) Not telling you she's married until after the sex- Has happened to me numerous times, though more often with women I picked up in person rather than online. They are afraid that if they tell you, you will have the scruples to refuse to do it. They don't want to be denied the dick, so they just don't tell you.

9) The post sex guilt phase- They often do feel compelled to tell you afterwards though. They will express guilt and say things like "He's a good provider"This is followed often by justifying themselves by saying they are sexually deprived and "needed it." I've actually never had one cry so your case was more extreme than normal.

Odds are good that you won't hear from her again; a lot of these hookups are one and dones. A few are repeat customers, though. But mostly I suspect the next time they do it they just pick another guy and go though the routine again.

"If anything's gonna happen, it's gonna happen out there!- Captain Ron
05-27-2015 06:39 PM
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