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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
+1 Tinder Red Head Bisexual with big ass referenced in previous post. Would have been a 6 but fell to a 5 after something a little off putting came to light once I got her naked.

Matched her about a month back, initiated with my standard opening routine. Got some dirty talk going. Cooled off.

Couple weeks later I reopened it, managed to get some nude snaps.

I used the line referenced in previous post. She tells me she doesn't like the notebook and that she prefers Denzel Washington. I tell her I got The Equaliser and that she should come through Friday just to watch it. She agrees. Something comes up and we switch to Thursday night.

My logistics suck and my parents are in so it's tricky. One of my best pals lives round the corner and his parents were away so he offers to lend me his yard whilst he goes to his girlfriends. What a blessing.

I tell her to get a taxi to his address and blag like it's my own place, I pay for the taxi.

She comes in and we go to the lounge to chill. She's a little difficult and uptight at first, pretty blunt. I use a little teasing to open her up. She told me previously that she is 420 friendly so I roll up a J and we smoke.

I take her upstairs to 'watch' The Equaliser. She knows the deal. After about 15 minutes I go in for the kiss, no resistance and I proceed to take off her t shirt and let out the titties. About a C cup, nothing to write home about. I'd already seen them on the nudey snap.

She sucks me off whilst I sit on the couch and skin a blunt. I smoke whilst she continues to blow me, she doesn't mind. She's smokes some and then I take off her jeans.

We jump on the bed on and I take off her panties put a rubber on. She rides me for 5 minutes on top facing me.

Then she switches to reverse girl to show that big ass, big it was, shit was a handful but she had some nasty red acne on her cheeks in a couple spots that I really did not care for. Knocked her down to a 5.

I almost lost my stiffy. Dangerous territory. I turn her over and rail her for another 10, choking her and shoving my fingers in her mouth. She also told me she loves rough sex. I give her what she wants.

I bust and make my way to the bathroom to dump the condom and instruct her to skin up a joint.

We blaze, I fuck her again legs over shoulders, she is so wet she literally soaks my pals sheets. I've never seen anything like it. I text him after to offer to pay for some new ones.

Oh and she also had a tattoo of a rose on her inner thigh. Classic slut tell.

We fall asleep and I give her money for a cab in the morning. Doubt I will see her again, she said to text her and that she had a good time and she seemed a little attached but doesn't even know where I live which is good. I think she was a little crazy. On to the next one.

Another score on the board I spose. No 10 omelette this time though.
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