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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
+11 2015

What a wild ride today was. I had originally matched up with a 38 year old Latina Milf on OKC and we quickly made plans to meet up for a drink tonight since this was the weekend that she didn't have her son. Then 1 hour before we were to meet she flaked saying she didn't feel well. I figured tonight was going to be a me night so I poured a glass of whiskey and sat on my patio. Then the flake girl texted me at the time we were supposed to meet and finally said she took some "meds" and was feeling well enough to meetup. By then I had enough of her flakiness so I said I was already drinking but she was welcome to come over for a drink (ZDB). She countered saying she would pick me up but wouldn't come in. Fuck it, I would rather stay home so I said we'll wait until another time.

Then, 20 mins later a 28 year old Asian girl likes me on OKC and I ask her what trouble she's up to tonight. She says "nothing, my date flaked on me how about you?" I said the same and let's meetup for ice cream (she said she's allergic to alcohol). She asks to FaceTime with me to make sure it's really me. I've never FaceTimed before but I have to say it's a good preventative SIF measure. She looked good over video and was wearing a t shirt and men's boxer shorts. She's thick with huge tits but still curvy. We make plans to meet at the shopping center across from my apartment 30 mins later.

I show up and she's right on time. In person she's maybe a 6 at best but has a fun personality, the traditional Asian straight bangs which drive me crazy and very bubbly so I'm good to go. We go to a bakery/cafe and I get a decaf coffee and she gets a hot tea and we shoot the shit for about 45 mins. I drop bait that I'm a photographer and show her some pics on my phone. I invite her back to my place and she gives me a ride back since I walked. Once upstairs I pour her a club soda with lime and I get a whiskey. I gently grab her and we start making out while standing in the kitchen (my new go to move.) I always make a point to kiss a girl no more than 10 minutes after getting to my place. I want to set that frame immediately.

Just when things start heating up she says "I need to go, my dog is inside and he needs to be let out." I act like it's no big deal and then change the subject to a photo in my living room and we go and look at it. We sit on my couch and she says she needs to go again and I say "your dog will be fine, stay for 10 minutes." She agrees and we start making out again. I grab the base of her head and pull her hair and she moans loudly and I start squeezing her HUGE tits. I then slide my hand down her pants and her pussy is dripping and I begin fingering her. From there I pull her pants down and while I'm eating her pussy I pull the condom from my pocket (ALWAYS keep a condom in your pocket) and wrap up and quickly slide it in and am fucking her while she's sitting on my couch and I'm on my knees. We then move to my bed where she rides me and I finish by tit fucking her and cumming all over her face. She took a quick shower and I walked her down to her car.

The big lesson here is that I didn't take no for an answer when she said she needed to go. I think with some past women I was too quick to give up because I'm so worried about coming across as needy and begging. But fuck it, if they're there in front of me I'm going to do everything I can until they leave.

That's +3 for the week and I have another date tomorrow and Monday with new girls.
05-31-2015 12:41 AM
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