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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
Finally get to post in here again. It's been far too long since my last new notch and I'm behind my goal of averaging 2 new notches a month.

+1, Notch #8 for 2015, Filipino flag, 26 year old 6 face/8.5 body from Tinder

Matched with her on Tinder at the start of the month and got her digits after a brief exchange.
Organised to meet up at my new go to venue, a frozen yogurt place 5 minutes drive from my house, last Thursday. This was actually my first date using this new venue as I've recently moved.

I was a bit worried about how she would look in person as her pics varied from average looking to quite hot. Either way she was clearly thin and passed the boner test.
She gets there 10 minutes early and I am 10 minutes late and she is cute in person, although I'm not a fan of her glasses. Not as hot as in her best pics but then they never are.

My aim is to run Tuth's First Date Bang so we chat for an hour or so with good conversation. Apart from giving her a hug and kiss on the check when we meet I have't really kinoed her. I tease her about her use of aussie slang which is actually quite cute when said with her accent. I suggest we go back to my place for a glass of wine but she declines saying "next time" (I need to improve this area of my game). Anyway I let it slide, we chat for a bit longer and then I wind it up, walk her to her car, give her a kiss goodnight with a full body hug and head home.
Experience has taught me that there is no point in escalating in public beyond a light kiss on a first date as it spooks girls so if I can't get a girl back to my place I just end with a light kiss as this still signals sexual intention and that I find her attractive but doesn't scare her or activate ASD.

I'm not home for more than 10 minutes before I get a text from her telling me what a great time she had. I text her back saying I had a good time too.
I wait until the end of the weekend and then hit her up again with "What nights are you free this week? I've got a glass of wine with your name on it".
She immediately comes back with Wednesday night and I confirm that it will be a glass of wine and a movie at my place.

Wednesday rolls around and I hit her up asking her what preference in movie she has. She responds so I know we're good to go. At this point I know it's in the bag as there has been absolutely no resistance to coming over to my place at all.
She rocks up to my place and has even brought some cheese and crackers to go with the wine, what a considerate girl.

We go into my room, I put the movie on, we have a glass of wine and some cheese each and then I take her glass put it down, grab her chin and kiss her. She is a bit hesitant but doesn't stop me so I kiss her for a bit before stopping, asking her to hand me my wine glass and going back to watching the movie.
I give it 5 minutes, put my wine glass back down, take her glasses off and go back for the kiss. This time there is no hesitation and she gets right into it.

I strip her clothes off to reveal a cracking tight body with a freshly waxed pussy (she knew why she was coming over), nice B cup tits with cute little nipples, a firm arse that is just begging to be spanked and a belly button piercing which is something I'm a fan of.
I throw her around and she is super wet, loves getting choked and held down. Gives a great deep throat blow job before I bang her out on the bed.

We clean up and watch the movie for a while before I jump on her for round 2 where I rail her from behind with my hand on the back of her head shoving it into the pillows.

We clean up again, watch the last of the movie then she gets dressed and heads home.

Definitely adding her to the rotation.
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