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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
Having a good run at the moment and feeling really good about my game. I really feel like my game is getting somewhere and that I've internalised a lot of the principles. Still a long way to go but leaps and bounds ahead of where I was 10 months ago coming out of a 7.5 year LTR.

+1, Notch #9 for 2015, 22 year old 6.5 from Tinder

This is another 2nd date bang and seeming to become my MO these days.

Met this girl off Tinder and hit off straight away. Number closed quickly and moved to text where we bantered back and forth a bit before I set up the date. She gave a little resistance to meeting at 8.30pm, said it was "so late" wtf?, but I just called her a grandma and she caved.

Like with my other recent notch I met this girl for frozen yogurt a 5 minute drive from my place. She gets there before me and is cute in person, although not as cute as her photo's.
We chat for a while and it turns out that she is in the same profession as me (just finished her studies last year) which gives me a lot of DHV as I'm fairly well known locally in my profession, work for one of the biggest global firms and am quite successful for my age.

I drop my usual other DHV's about travel and living in various places around the world which she is clearly impressed by. I start dropping bait to get her home but none of it really hooks (as before this is an area I need to work on) and I don't make a very good attempt at getting her back to my place. So I wind the date up, walk her to her car and kiss close.

I text her the next day telling her that it was a fun date and making a joke about something that has been a running joke with us since we were chatting on Tinder. She responds straight away and very positively telling me that I have an awesome personality
We back and forth a little bit more over the next couple of days before I invite her over to my place for a movie.

Me: Which suits you better next week, Monday or Wednesday night?
Her: Hmm.. Monday sounds good, but can I confirm with you on Sunday?
Me: You can but I can't promise I'll still be free (this is what I always say to girls who try and do this kind of bullshit)
Her: Busy man! Maybe I shall book in Monday with you then Tongue
Me: Haha it's hard being popular Smile OK a drink and movie at my place on Monday it is

But then her hamster must have started spinning because just after midnight on a Saturday night she texts me:
Her: Just so you know, I'm not looking for a hook up or friends with benefits (Hamster spinning "I need to feel OK with coming over to your house to bang")
Me (Sunday evening): Who said anything about that? I have no expectations, I'm just taking this as it comes (There there little hamster)
Her: Just making sure we're on the same page (Calm hamster "Ok, I don't feel guilty about coming to your place to bang now")

I text her the morning of to ask her movie preference and I was a bit worried as it took her a few hours to respond, however in the afternoon she text me back saying anything but horror and asking for my address. I give it to her and tell her to text me when she is out the front of my place.
I then text her an hour before we meet and push the date back by 15 minutes. She is good with that as she was going to be late anyway.

She arrives on time, I go out the front to get her and when I go to give her a hug and kiss on the cheek she kisses me on the mouth. If I'd had any doubts that it was on they evaporated.
I lead her back to my apartment, get her to take her shoes off, introduce her briefly to my house mates who are in the lounge room and then lead her straight to my room.

We chat for 5 minutes before I put the movie on and we settle on my bed. I give it 15 minutes and then go for the kiss, no resistance, so I make out with her for a little and then pull back first. I wait another 10 minutes and then cave man her, she loves it.
I do the usual, pull her hair, throw her around my room, shove her up against the wall, spank her, choke her, etc. She gives a blow job that I can only describe as cute. It's soft, slow and wet and a little bit hesitant, I loved it. I nut, clean up and then we go back to watching the movie. She cuddles up to me and lies there just tracing my abs and pecs with her finger.

We watch the movie for a while before I jump on her for round 2. She is still wet from round 1 and gets even wetter and cums just from me fingering her and sucking on her tits. This time I end up banging her from behind alternating between shoving her head into the pillows and pulling her hair so she has to arch her back. While doing this I notice these cute tan lines on her arse. It's a bit strange since it's winter here in Aus but for some reason they really turned me on.

I was going to go for round 3 after the movie finished but she started to look really comfortable and settled in so I got worried that she'd try and stay the night. So when the movie finished instead of going for round 3 I started handing her clothes to her.
It was a shame and left me feeling slightly unsatisfied as I'd really wanted to bang her again.

She is cute and a fun bang so I think I'll add her to the harem. That will give me a main girl and another 3 in rotation which should get me through the winter nicely.
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