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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
(06-30-2015 07:04 PM)Jetlagged Wrote:  So I got my first Chinese flag, after forever.


(06-30-2015 07:04 PM)Jetlagged Wrote:  She seemed to keep dropping hints about being off work and tired, so I told her come to my hotel and relax with me, in just watching a movie."

She replies

"Just us"
Just us.

This is DTF in China.

(06-30-2015 07:04 PM)Jetlagged Wrote:  Sadly my hotel room has 1 sofa chair, 1 seater. I knew she would hit the chair so I pulled it close to the bed.

She arrives, straight to the chair. Cool, I lounge on the bed. She's really comfortable and I'm trying to talk to her but her Chinese is strong and english weak, and my Chinese is nonexistent. We have to resort to wechat a few times.

She's complaining about being tired. I think an hour 30 of this pass by (unsure of how she would react, Chinese are weird) I finally tell her to come join me on the bed. She sits upright next to me and I pull her down and she laying next to me, so I grab her hand.

So after awhile I kiss her hand and ask her to lay on my chest. I get it. I keep trying to kiss her closer to her mouth but rejections happen, head turning.

I get the "I'm tired". Ok cool. I start to shut off the lights. I'm pretty tired too. I slept like shit night before, it's like 2am and I have to be up at 6. I walk over to her and go for a make out,
Resisted, don't kiss back, but smiling.

She lays on me again... We both have a fitful rest. She strips out of her dress and bra and into my t shirt in the other room. Joins me in bed. I'm getting the feeling she's horny, keeps tossing. I get up and close the open bliss which are pretty bright, it's about 3am. I crawl back into bed, she's looking at me, i go for the make out, but slower this time and more teasing. After the second kiss she's reciprocating, by the third or fourth I knew I was fucking.

Instincts take over, go for the tit, dry hump, she's going nuts, run through panties nonresistance.
Pull them aside, wet as a garden hose. I think I gave her 2 maybe 3 Os just with fingers. I hit her with two finger g spot bang, she started going crazy, she came pretty hard and I got some small squirt, then she erupted like a geyser.

Fucker her half raw, put a rubber on halfway through. I could feel this was going to be short. I hit it pretty hard but it wasn't my best performance... I've slept maybe 6 hours in 2 days. Busted a nut and then another back to back to give her a little extra.

If you keep trying to kiss a Chinese girl and she doesn't leave or give you a "just friends" speech, she wants to be fucked.

However, she doesn't want to admit it, so she won't reciprocate when you try to kiss her.

The solution is to pick her up, dump her in your bed and spoon with her while feeling up her body and kissing/licking the back of her neck.

Initially, she let you touch her anywhere but her boobs and genitals, include her butt, but once she's sufficiently turned on, you'll be able to grope her anywhere.

At some point, you'll want to turn her on her back. Keep kissing/sucking on the sides of her neck, but feel up her belly and sides and start grabbing a little boob once in a while, until she's turned on enough that she'll let you play with her boobies without resisting.

Then you want to put your hand under her bra to play with her breasts and once she's allowed that, you want to take her top off. You can generally unclip her bra for easy access around the same time you start playing with her boobs from outside her clothes. She'll pretend not to notice that you've undone her bra.

Once you're at this stage, go in for the kiss again, initiate some dry humping and see if she'll let you manipulate her genitals.

If there's no resistance at this point, it's time to tear her panties off and fuck her.

I'm the King of Beijing!
06-30-2015 08:21 PM
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