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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
+1, Tinder Chinese, 7.5

Just finished up with this chick. Matched with her on Tinder about a week ago. Hit her immediately, as I do every girl, with my "tinder says we'd make beautiful kids" line, she said "I'm infertile". That slammed the brakes on pretty quick. I spent a while trying to gauge whether she was joking or actually serious. I went with an in between joking line that was along the lines of "damn, foiled again by the cruel whims of Tinder." Got some play off that, basic comfort game then, asked for the number, didn't respond to me, ignored it and moved on.

She responds fairly quickly, seems enthusiastic, which is good. The hamster rationalization alibi was that we would watch TV and drink at my place. She backs up a few days later saying she wants to meet in public first to make sure I'm not a murderer, blah blah blah. Fine. Text back and forth intermittently over the next few days, hype her up on my lockdown venue for dinner.
I've now mentally transitioned from Sevens' ZDB to Tuth's FDB. I roll out to this thing in sunglasses, button down rolled up sleeves, white jeans, and woven dress shoes.

Made a reservation for the spot, I bought myself food cause I was hungry, she did as well, asked to split at the end which I appreciated. As we're talking through dinner which goes about an hour, I am mentally chanting "ONLY TALK ABOUT TRAVEL, FOOD, GOSSIP, AND TV" over and over. I stay on the straight and narrow for chick crack, I'm feeling great and I'm making her laugh constantly with my joking and ribbing on her for her jokes and small mistakes. Always expecting the flake however so I made tentative plans for tennis instead just in case. Fortunately, it was not needed. I owe my friend a drink for that one.
I've got my place on lock. Spic and span, almost all of my roommates are out at a game, I've got the TV show on my computer primed to play on the TV in my room, bottle of champagne and glasses at the ready. Only problem (which really didn't turn out to be a problem in the end) was that my house was 20 minutes walk from the place. Thankfully, I used this time to continue comfort and lots of kino. As soon as we walk out of the restaurant I take her hand. No asking. She actually pulls away which makes me think I went too fast but surprises me by just flipping her hand so it's more comfortable. Excellent.

Get back to my place, tell her this is a shoes off place, take her for a tour of the house, lead her to my room upstairs. I take the opportunity when she leans down to set her bags down to grind into her ass. She straightens up, turns around, and make out. Saving the champagne for another day.

Thanks to the dominant moves I learned from my last plate and from the forum thread, I'm pulling her into me, growling, pushing her around, pinning her arms above her head, very light choking, lots of spanking. Quick fingering and pussy eating to get her primed, she does a good deep throat to prep me as well.

Fucking hell she's a screamer. Holy shit. Cums three times and is incredibly juicy. Feed her her own juices, try to shut her up by kissing her while I fuck her cause I'm positive my roommates must be getting annoyed by this shit.

Finish once but she's on top and was so into it and keep grinding down on me that I didn't get soft, so I just said fuck it and keep at it. That goes on for almost 15 minutes. Finally she finishes, and I cuddle her for a good 20 minutes or so. Emotional alpha or whatever, it's kinda nice and I know this oxytocin's gonna hit her hard and make her want to see me again. After that she says she wants to leave before it gets dark so I put her legs on my shoulders and plow again.

She gets dressed, finds her bus home, I'll text her again in a few days and maybe make plans for a weekday evening. We'll see.
This reinforces much of what we already know here on the forum. She's actually from a rural town in the Midwest, which I attribute to be the source of her sweet disposition and non-flakiness. If it's gotta be Anglosphere, my LTR/wife will mandatorily be from small town USA. I contrast this so directly with the other utter slut Asian girls from LA or NY, who prance around in barely anything, ridiculous amounts of makeup, and immediately go grind on white guys in clubs.

Turns out, my roommates didn't hear a goddamn thing. Good intel to know.

The infertile thing was a joke.
07-05-2015 07:46 PM
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