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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
+1 saturday
#9 in 2015 since I got single about 6 monts ago.

Cute 19 year old with a 6 body but 8 face. Met her on Tinder, used a lot of dominance. Short answers and tried to make her feel like she had to prove herself to me. Stuff worked like a charm. Told her 'pics or it didn't happen' about the pool in her parents' backyard which made her ask me "How". Didn't tell her anything but just gave her my digits and within minutes she started texting. Withing about 15 texts back and forth we agreed on meeting for a private pool party.

Arrived at her place after work (30 minute drive) and right away dowgraded her body from a 7 to a 6 but her face was still a solid 8. Didn't feel like swimming and using KINO because of her little brother and some of his friends being at the place having a LAN party. Sat at the pool with our feet in and tried to apply some kino combined with deeply looking into her eyes. We were having fun and conversation was going smoothly untill her dad texted her. His party ended and she had to pick him up. Major cockblock just when things were going the right way so had to improvise and told her she had to come over after being her dad's taxi. She said she'd think about it but her bodylanguage and eyes told me she was down. Should've went for the makeout here to build more attraction but anxiety took over.

Fast forward a few hours. She arrived at my place after a 45 minute drive. Told her to sit down while I was getting drinks. We really had a great talk and time was flying. I knew she was into me as there were moments of intense eye contact and SHE was applying kino, not me. Tension was building and I actually wanted to wait for another 30 minutes or so just to get her really into it but she beat me to it...

Told her "stand up, we're going to my bedroom" and on our way there slammed her against the wall for another makeout. My hand slipped between her thighs and she was soaking wet. Grabbed her hair and pulled it to make her tilt her head backwards and kissed her neck. Finally arrived at my bedroom and didn't need to do anything. She ripped my clothes off me and gave me an awesome blowjob. Really one of the best I ever had and I had to make her stop because I didn't want to cum yet. Put on a condom while she was getting undressed and as soon as I was done putting it on she was already hanging above my cock ready to ride me...

This girl was wild, one of the best lays I've had and after we were done we took a shower and fell asleep. Banged her again in the morning, took another shower and she left. Started texting me as soon as she got home and thanked me. Too bad the's going abroad for 3 months but we did agree we should meet asap after she returns. Would love banging this girl on a regular basis.

I really like this girl, she's got a 'thing' I can't explain but it's attracting me like I'm the bee and she's the honey... Good thing I've got a date tonight with a girl I met a week ago.

Quote:I'm sorry for any (huge) typo's or weird sentences, English is not my firs language, obviously.
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