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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)

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25 y/o, Pinay, 8/10, SNL, POF

Met up for a drink in the city after work tonight.

Stunning little 5’2” thing, with nice full boobs (D’s at a guess).

Game virtually ran itself on her. She was making excuses that I’d usually make to instigate a bit of light touching. It made me laugh a bit inside.

My suggestion of grabbing a meal near my house was met with enthusiasm. But of course, instead of going straight to the venue, I had to detour to my house to freshen up.

After taking a quick shower, she did not baulk when going for the kiss, but was displaying intense LMR when she figured out how I wanted this to play out.

At this stage, she showed some faux annoyance, and booked herself an Uber. I eventually calmed her down, and told her that if she leaves now, that she won’t see me again.

She eventually came around, and then out of nowhere asked me if she could take a quick shower.

A strange turn of events indeed.

Pussy was very wet, and not just from the shower she had. Nipples just how I like them – a bit of firmness to them, and slug-like in shape.

Raw-dogged because I could.

On the way to driving her home, I decided to get a bite of Vietnamese with her. This is the type of chick you can almost call your buddy, where you can be yourself (within reason), and feel comfortable in the knowledge that she’s into you in a big way.

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23 y/o, Indonesian, 8/10, SNL, OKC


She set her profile to my city, even though she resides in Indonesia.
She’s a flight attendant, and had a trip planned here…but hadn’t planned accommodation as yet.

Initially reluctant to stay at my place, she eventually agreed after chatting a while.

Picked her up from the airport at 11:30pm Saturday night, broke her hymen by 1:30am Sunday morning.

Initially I was a bit sceptical that I was actually dealing with a living/breathing virgin (especially given she was on OKC), however, when fingering her I could feel a definite barrier there.

Naturally, she was reluctant to take things further, and as much as I wanted to conquer this caramel coloured vixen, I honestly didn’t want to do anything that she would regret.

So how did I tackle this conundrum? I let her come to me.

After literally 3 pumps with her on top, my raw schlong kinked, only to straighten out upon breaking through.

Yes, there was blood and plenty of it.

I kept up the sausage hiding game constantly over the next couple of days that she stayed with me. In the end the blood was no longer a concern, and she was getting more comfortable with the whole thing.

I’ve had a fun filled few days to say the least.
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