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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
I don't usually post in here but I feel like it this time and wanted to possibly be given some advice anyway...

+1 Polish girl who I have met numerous times in Poland, we never had sex because she always said it hurt her too much (only one partner before me) but she gave me allot of bj's. Anyway she just moved here to study. She called me out of the blue and I invited her over, we had been texting from time to time since she arrived last week but had stopped a few days ago because I didn't want to go to her place.

She arrived around 22:30, we started in my lounge, she started to blow me pretty quickly then when it came to getting inside her It was the same BS that it hurt too much. Anyway I fingered her quite well I think using my 2 middle fingers which I have read about doing on the forum (she was screaming, scratching and biting the fuck out of me.). Eventually we got upstairs after that moment had died and I was thinking I cant really be bothered to go on trying to fuck her because I just wasn't feeling motivated.

Then she decided to tell me how she blew some random guy at her flat the other day whom she had met at a gig, it shocked me a little because I didn't think she was 'that type of girl'. But stupid I know, that was just the reminder/extra motivation I needed. After I got my little bit of shock out the way, we started again. Fingered her hard again for about 10 minutes, then she starts saying 'I want you inside me' so I proceed on top and get in. Firstly again she is saying stop it hurts but I thought fuck this I am getting this bang. Ploughed on slowly at first but eventually got faster and harder. As soon as I forcibly grabbed her hands and held her down she started to enjoy it. It really did ring home to me that you really need to dominate in bed, I was really being a pussy before with not proceeding because 'it hurt her too much'.

She is scratching me hard again (my back and shoulders are covered in them now). Tried a few different positions and this is where my problems started.

I tried to bang her from behind but I couldn't get hard enough, but yet I had no problem in other positions. She was kneeling on all fours firstly in the middle of the bed and then I got her to move to the edge so I could stand and try but still had problems getting hard enough to get in. Then as I am staring down at her ass and freshly shaven pussy I started to bite her ass, she seemed to like that. Then I started to lick her pussy, after about 30 seconds it made me gag and feel like I was going to throw up. She didn't smell bad or anything, it didn't taste of anything particular. It was the first time I have tried to eat pussy before, I have never really felt desire to try but it was just there starring back at me and I thought it could aid my boner. Is that common for the first time?

Shortly after she blew me again and I came over her tits. She left around an hour ago in a taxi, which she paid for both ways without asking. I'm a young guy and I've only had a few bangs in my life and am also very much still learning in regards to fucking good, I am a little disappointed with a few things from last night but still I am pleased to have got the notch finally, so any feedback would be appreciated.
07-13-2015 07:41 AM
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