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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
+2 Over the weekend
+18 for 2015

Earlier last week in a moment of weakness I fell off the wagon and got back onto Tinder since I had been away for a few months. Expecting it to be a complete wasteland I was pleasantly surprised when I got a good amount of matches within my first day. I've gone on two dates so far and both resulted in bangs Banana

Saturday's Date: Filipino born 39yo milf. Face 8+, Body 6 (looked great fully clothed but had the usual loose skin mommy belly when naked).

One of my first matches, this girl did some modeling back in her younger years and now has three kids, all teens. Her oldest just graduated from HS. Meeting her in person she looked no older than 25-28. Not a single wrinkle, crows feet, age spot or anything. An absolutely flawless face. We met at the outdoor mall across from my apartment and she showed up wearing skinny jeans, suede high heeled boots and one of those lingerie looking tank top style blouses with a black leather jacket on top. I was surprised at how strikingly beautiful she was in person but there was no way I was going to pedestalize her.

We started out at a natural foods cafe and got a couple of small plates and chatted about simple things like work, family, etc. From the beginning I felt a pretty good vibe with her and knew the bang would be mine for the taking if I didn't mess it up.

After we ate we walked over to the whiskey style bar and had a couple of cocktails each. We sat next to each other at the bar and I was able to really ramp up the touching and teasing. I found out that she's actually a smoker which surprised me even more considering how young she looks. After our drinks I said let's go back to my place to try some of my 18 year Scotch which I had been talking about earlier in the date. She countered with "are you going to behave?" I smirked and said "who knows, are YOU going to behave?" She then got flustered, giggled and said "I don't know what I'm saying here, I think the drinks are getting to me" Banana

We go back to my apartment across the street and she wants to smoke so we go up to my place and I get a cigar from my humidor so I can join her and we go outside and sit and smoke for about 45 minutes and just shoot the shit. She was actually really cool and fun to just hang out with and other than the sex this was easily my favorite part of the evening.

After we finished smoking we went back upstairs where I made her a drink and we talked for quite some time while I'm touching her here and there. Eventually I made my move and after a little bit of token resistance the bang was in the bag.

Sunday's Date: 36yo blonde white girl, no kids. Face 6+ body 6+ (amazing natural, big tits)

This one gave me a pretty strong DTF vibe even while messaging on Tinder but I refused to take the bait and would steer the pre meet conversation away from sex. We met at the same outdoor mall as before (logistics for the win!) and she shows up in a little black dress (I had told her to wear a skirt or dress) and I can immediately tell she's an experienced carousel rider. She's just out of a messy divorce, has bleached blonde hair, a few tattoos and heavily tanned skin. Also has a slightly raspy voice and is very animated in her behavior.

We go to a little hipster style bar where the wait for drinks is very long. That worked in my favor as we were able to talk for quite a while before our drinks arrived. Overall she was very easy to talk to and I could tell she was attracted right from the start and had that fuck me sparkle in her eyes. After about 90 minutes there in the bar I said let's go on a adventure and you can try my dirty vodka martini. She eagerly accepted and followed me back to my pace. Once there I ran my usual routine and the bang was incredibly easy. After the first round we went back to my couch and I made her another drink and we talked for another hour. Then we had round two right there on my couch. tard

All in all a great weekend!
07-20-2015 09:47 AM
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