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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
Well that was interesting.

Been staying in Chicago for a lil vacation at a relative's. Not paying rent was nice but the logistics are HORRIBLE (suburbs, no car, 1 hour drive by train or car to downtown and not many girls I met online even licing downtown). As my vacation was rearing its end I just copypasted my "full disclosure" line to every match on Tinder saying Hey look, I'm on vacation and only got a week left so if you wanna do something fun let's meet, if not then it's cool to cut out the chit chatting. Got many numbers but of course the horrible logistics and the extreme flakiness (now I have an idea what you guys are talking about) made many of the potential girls fizzle out. Not this Ukranian girl though, she gave me her disclaimer that hey she's not looking for a hookup so if I am then seee yaaa. That line was before my full disclosure. Afterwards she said oooh....well let me be your city guy for a night. Made plans, met in town. She looked good on the pics but looked even better live. Small, petite but with great assets. A 7.5 by objective standards but 8.5 to me since she's short and I got that short girl fetish.

Anyway we meet up, I just had a good mood and didn't even particularly want to strain to game her, I felt the fact the fact that she wanted no hookup but wanted to meet me after clearly being told I'm here for only 1 more week was a good sign. So we just talked. Bullshitted, really, about travels and whatever, from 20 to 02 o'clock. Normally I'd bail after a max of 2 hours but it was just a nice relaxed flow which flowed. Yes I deciated from my usual ways and bought the drinks for us both, but considering she came with a car, the parking costs in the city (2 times cause of bar hopping) and that she drove me 50 mins home we came out about even. Light, but really just light and implied kino throughout the evening. Then on the way home one around her or hand holding, she was into it, alright, shift arm hanging from her shoulder, nice. On the way home I saw an interesting driving style: since the car was automatic she put her left leg up on the dashboard while wearing a short tight dress.

Back home after a 50 min drive just leaned over, kissed her, fondled her, she was moaning and making up excuses why we should go up to the place of the relatives I'm staying at to fuck. "Look I'll be quiet", "We'll be sneaky and quick", "She's sleeping she won't even notice". Valiant effort but it was a really small and thin walled place and I wasn't about to abuse the hospitality of my relatives so we drove to a secluded forest parking place and did it in the car. Was cramped, uncomfortable and kinda awkward, I'm gonna get her over to the place when it's empty

Lol at women writing "this is NOT going to be a hookup!"
07-27-2015 10:15 PM
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