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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
(07-08-2012 06:05 AM)Architekt Wrote:  Pure lulz last night. Here's the message I sent to my friend this morning
Quote:So. Last night... Met some girls out, one of which is my friend, and the rest i've never met. Most of them are pretty cute, but a couple are fatties. I ignore them and start hitting on one of the more attractive girls in the group and we vibe pretty well
At this point we head to the dance floor and i start tearing it up. One of the fatties looks at me and laughs so i start grinding up on her for lulz. Bad move. After this she became infatuated with me (see wut i did thar?)
After a while she starts trying to kiss me. I'm literall calling to my friends for help, but they don't. Eventually i decide i may as well make the most of the situation and announce that i need to piss - asking who wants to come with
We walk to the men's toilets but the bouncer outside the door doesn't let her in. Undetered we go to the unguarded women's bathroom and find a nice cubicle and start fucking.
While we're doing that some bitch reaches under the door and tries to steal one of my shoes so i kick her under the door and she leaves me alone.
After a while fatty stands up and starts jerking me off. Suddenly, she pushes me out the way and starts violently fucking hurling into the toilet. I leave immediately, making sure to smile politely at all of the shocked and confused women on my way out.
As i'm returning to my friends to dance, i look back and notice a couple of cops busting into the toilet. Can't help but wonder if they were there for me haha.
When i get back to the group i start hitting on the cute girl from before again. At some stage i realise i should probably tell one of my friends that they should check on fatty. Wouldn't you know it, cute girl goes and takes her home in a taxi.
So now i'm left with 2 girls, one of which is fat and unattractive, and the other is loyal to her boyfriend.
So no more fun for me
Anyway, tl;dr is i fucked a fat chick in club toilets and didn't get to finish because she started puking. I hate my life.

Man even though you didnt finish on the fatty and u didnt bang the cute girl it still seems like a fun night. I like how you just changed direction and took the fatty to the toilet. Maybe you should have drank a little bit more so you could stomach banging the fatty from the back while she was puking in the toilet. But it sound like fun times man.
07-08-2012 09:40 PM
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