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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
+1 Overall 6: 24 year old butterface with Jew-fro, but body was an 8 (100 pounds, perky tits - Roosh's preferred body type).

Day began with skydiving. I told my brother that skydiving makes people want to fuck. He asked why, and I said, "because of the adrenaline and the fear of death" (not to mention alpha of display of risky behavior). Not sure how this wasn't obvious to him. Anyway, I was right, by the end of the night, she was jumping my bones.

After skydiving, I invited her to the party I was throwing. She wondered why she wasn't invited earlier. I drove her all the way back to my place. Party was a big success: everyone drank jello shots, had beer and soda, played card games (Cards Against Humanity), and then enjoyed multi-hour conversation in the hot tub (where I began groping her).

When I joked about kissing her, she said "not in front of all these people." But I didn't hurry to kick out my friends. Finally, at 10 o'clock, I kicked them out. She said that she couldn't kiss me because I had kissed my dog. I brushed my teeth and flossed. Then I went to kiss her, and was into it like a ravenous animal, writhing on the couch like a cat in catnip.

I asked her if she had to go (mistake) and she said yes, so after a while I just got up and started to take her home (another mistake). In hindsight, I could have just dragged to my bedroom and fucked her right then (which she indirectly confirmed later).

It was a long drive back to her place. I kept groping her the entire car ride. (She drove because I was tipsy, after 10 vodka-jello shots and 4-5 beers over the entire day.) She was really into it. Eventually, after me constantly groping her - but no vice versa - I told her that she was making my cock so hard. She said, "that's it, we have to pull over." We pulled up next to a public elementary school, and turned off all the lights, so we were just sitting there in the dark. (I offered to get a hotel, which she wisely declined.)

She repeatedly said that she could just give me a blow job (because she "has an oral fixation" - clearly a compensation mechanism, but welcome nonetheless). But we started out with her straddling me, and making out while I sucked on her tits. Eventually she took off her pants, so that just her panties were separating her genitals from my exposed, hard cock. I tried to stick it in, but it wouldn't work, then she told me her panties were on and we couldn't have sex. I hadn't seen the panties in the dark and laughed it off.

She moved into the back seat for more room, and I followed. She lied down on her back (note: not a blow job position). I instinctively grabbed her tiny legs and pushed them toward her head, raising her pussy up. I started sucking on her pussy with no foreplay. She said she liked that, so I pulled her panties off. I continued sucking, and she told me to finger her, which she really responded too. After about three minutes of that, she cried out. I asked her if she came, and she said yes. Then I immediately started to stick my cock in, without asking, and she gave no resistance. It felt amazing and I came after about 7 minutes: first missionary, then doggy - I pulled out and came in her mouth (which she requested). In both positions, I cradled her tiny head in my arms to prevent it from banging on the car door. (Note: I don't usually go down on girls until after they go down on me, but did so here for various reasons.)

When we were done, the car windows were covered in steam just like Titanic. I didn't know that happened in real life. Overall, it was some of the hottest and best sex I've ever had, and I plan on fucking her all summer.

Curiously enough, another girl came over that night just to watch a movie (year right). Flush with confidence from the earlier girl, I groped her the entire movie (Van Wilder, one of my favorites, and seems to always to lead to sex - as if women view me like the title character just by watching it with me). At the end, we were making out hard, and she was straddling me. (She's a 32 year skinny Asian with a 5 face and an 7.5 body). I could have easily fucked her, and I will probably fuck her this week. But with only 3 hours of sleep, skydiving, an 8 hour party, huge quantities of alcohol, and the previous sexual escapade in the car, I was exhausted. I also had serious work to do at night and turn in by Monday morning. So I actually asked her to leave and come back later that week. Otherwise that would have been my first time to fuck two girls in 24 hours.

Lessons I'm learning as I get older, which improve my game:

1. Never indicate interest until she indicates interest first. This is just a small part of Mystery Method (A2 must happen before A3), but it is (one of) the most important. Just rereading Mystery Method has helped me a lot this summer.

2. Instead of cocky funny, try insulting funny. Instead of saying something that is so cocky that it's obviously false - say something that is so insulting, or absurd, that it is obviously false. Examples, while watching any bad sex during a movie: "that's how you like it, isn't it?" "You're a nasty girl, aren't you?" "You check my facebook page 100 times a day, don't you?" Etc.

3. With rare exceptions, never feel embarrassed about anything. If you fuck up, act like you didn't. If a girl acts like you should be embarrassed, flip the script by acting like she should be embarrassed for expecting you to be embarrassed. In your reality, nothing is embarrassing. This works hand-in-hand with being authentic to your true self. Examples: don't be afraid to be geeky, nerdy, a fan of comic books or comic book movies, a fan of video games, naked or taking your shirt off, honest about your sexual quirks, fetishes, and history; if you screw up, make a mistake, misspeak, act like nothing happened or ignore it. Etc.

The easiest way to adopt the "never embarrassed" attitude is to have a large "zone of safety." The zone of safety is simply what social psychologists call your circle of friends who accept you no matter what. If you have a wide enough social network, with a wide enough zone of safety, you will never worry about not being accepted or embarrassing yourself. Even some girl doesn't like what you did, you always have your underlying social reality of acceptance to fall back on. If you don't have any friends, or are a lone wolf, it is much, much harder to develop this attitude, because every woman is also a potential friend who instinctively you don't want to lose.

4. Cerebralize being bold. Non-naturals are genetically afraid to be physically bold with women. Whenever you find yourself feeling afraid touch a girl, have the highest, most cerebral part of your brain remind yourself of the logic to ignoring that fear. Say to yourself, "I know I feel really afraid right now, but logic tells me that boldness is rarely punished and usually welcomed." Then just do it. If she reacts poorly, withdraw (if in Comfort) or give IODs (if in A2). Do not act embarrassed at all - act like it is no big deal or there is something wrong with her (see 3 above). 9 times out of ten, she will not react poorly - in fact, she is usually going to be too scared about losing your interest that she won't react poorly even if she's a little uncomfortable. Of course, to be bold, you must also be smart - stupid boldness will lower the 9/10 ratio. Tips: A. isolate to a private place - your apartment/house (or wherever), B. make sure you are in the Comfort stage and build comfort over several hours, C. begin small, but generally don't retreat too much - once you claim ground (e.g. on her thigh) claim it as your own (metaphorically), D. use small, subtle, glancing movements, E. generally don't begin full groping of tits and pussy until in the middle of French kissing (always distract her, even with just kisses), F. to begin kissing, begin my leaning over and gently kissing her cheek while she's doing something else - usually watching a video. Then next time take your hand and turn her chin to kiss your lips.

Related point: be prepared to take 100% responsibility for everything. Fucking a girl, at least for the first time, is simply the act of dissolving her fear of shame/sluttiness/no-commitment so that her physical lust can take over. It is not the process of instilling artificial lust in her - she already feels the lust - it's your job to removing the obstacles to her acting on that last. To remove those obstacles, you must take 100% responsibility. This typically involves you making the first move, even while it seems that she is not really paying attention, not really interested, distracted, lying there passively, etc. In many cases, it will look alarmingly similar to the beginning of rape. And it's not always easy for the man to tell the difference (because women take so little initiative in both rape and non-rapes). But you can't let that stop you, or you simply will cut your sex life by an order of magnitude (and fail to give women what they really want: guilt free sex).

5. Always have a condom. I used to keep condoms in my car. At one point, I took them out when cleaning it - not sure why. The upshot - I finally had hot sex in my car, and it was unprotected. I hate condoms, but I will use them to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Here, the woman said that she would get an abortion (kind of halfhearted), and I also pulled out. I still would have preferred to use a condom. Keep them everywhere. It's a strange psychological trick that having condoms around makes you much more likely to have sex - a self-fulfilling prophecy.

6. With experience, and with domination, come female orgasms. I've only had about 20 notches my entire life (I'm about 30 years old). For the vast majority of those, include several LTRs over months, I almost never gave the woman orgasms, or only did so with extended oral sex (in one LTR). But for my last three notches over the last 1-2 months, I have made every girl come, and fast. Why is that? I think it's because: A. I am now much more dominant in bed (my last ex taught me how), B. first time sex with someone is exciting and a little dangerous, C. I am much more experienced with sex than when I lost my virginity, and D. I have increased in physical and personality-attractiveness so much so that I'm now sometimes noticeably more attractive than the girl I'm fucking. Of all of these, I think D is the most important. Regardless of technique, I think that just being attractive and alpha makes women come. One of the last three girls squirted all over my bed, so much that I had wash the sheets immediately because they were too wet to sleep in - and she came after just five thrusts in a doggy position with my hand gripping her shoulder like a vice in total domination. Again - my ex taught me some of this stuff - find a girlfriend who is into S&M and likes to be dominated.

7. I'm now, at age ~30, averaging about two notches a month. When I lost my virginity at age ~21, I was averaging about .7 notches a year. As I gain status, muscle mass, dating/sexual experience, wealth, and relative attractive vis-a-vis women as we age, I expect this trend to just accelerate. With more effort, I could probably average 3 or 4 notches a month now. If you do the math, you get to triple digits fast. I'm only ~30, who knows where I will be at 40 (or 50?). But I'm now optimistic and confident enough that I don't really worry about marriage or LTRs any more. It took me many, many years to get to this place psychologically.

8. I met both of these girls through OK Cupid, which reinforces my belief that it's a great way to score notches.

9. The girl I fucked had only had three other partners before me, including one who just took her virginity and then left her. So maybe she isn't a slut, or maybe she is just becoming one. If not a slut, that punches a whole in my theory that the PUA/fuck-funnel lifestyle focuses too much on fucking sluts.

If I had more time, I would have made this post shorter.
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