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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
Well I +1d again last night. Another winner from POF. You're gonna love this one Basil Ransom.

I started chatting with this Latina looking chick on POF a week or so ago and got her number blah blah.

She told me in the beginning of the week that her car blew the clutch and she was considering scrapping it so I told her to send me a picture and I'll sell it. I put it on Craigslist for about what I'd sell it for it's really not worth fixing so last night I decided to pick her up.

I pull up to her house and her sister is sitting in the driveway front door wide open they're both in and out of the house every two seconds typical Tampa girls. The sister was smokin hot the girl I went for was a 5 but a high six in her pictures. Ass, tits were inline cute face the sis was complaining she was worn out from hitting happy hour her feet hurt from her shoes blah blah. I was going to try and pull a parlay reversal but I wasn't feeling it...

I told her to hop in the car and we started driving while we were going she said the Casino had some new slot machine there she saw on Facebook and since we were only a couple miles away I said sure lets try it out and have some drinks. We walked in and went to the bar. I was explaining to her what the kiss of death on a card table was. Asians. More specifically an Asian female dealer. You're done when she shows up.
She was having fun and running into people she knew from High school left and right. We went to the bar and she orders Vodka and coke. Vodka and coke? Wait a second.....I know what kind of girls drink that. Tampa sluts! Here we go!

I was keeping the drinks flowing and teaching her how to play some stupid games. We played a couple hands of war and she told me she plays poker on Facebook. She sent me multiple request there and I told her I never got them so I asked do you want to play poker? She wasn't keen on it so I said lets play three card poker. I sit down at an all girl table two latinas and she spoke some spanish with them. Second hand in I pull a straight flush @ 50 to 1 so about 550 dollar hit. I started flirting with the other girls while getting her some free drinks. I think she was on her 6th at that point I gave everyone at the table ten bucks and bounced back to the bar.

We played some blackjack and left around 1130 or so and she wanted to go to Dallas bull country bar and I said fuck no lets get closer to where were going like a little dive bar closer to your place. We go to this liquor store with a decent sized bar that looked like it's been there since the 50s. I was shocked at the talent in there. Girls alone drinking dressed up and some strippers flowing in and out. I was surprised that the people were calm. Where I live we fight nonstop for some reason. Anyway were drinking and she was talking about some dude she was dating and was mad at because he was supposed to some handyman work for her mom and blew her off and about 5 minutes later her high school sweetie walked in. All of a sudden she starts asking me to make out and shit she started telling me that he wouldn't marry her and he would assume that I was a Jew. What?? Yeah my sister asked too if you were and told me to double check. Mind you I'm wearing a Greek cross around my neck and she went into some church rant and how I still might be and that's just not going to fly with her while she's rubbing my cock under the bar. I said let's go and hit the package and grabbed a bottle of Vodka.

So, we pull into her driveway and she was telling me about this beach she wanted to hit and drink at. It's 1:30. "I want to go to silver beach and fuck in the water!!!!" "If you want to fuck all night you'll take me there!!" What? You want me to swim in an Alligator infested lake at night huh? Listen! lets make a drink and we'll see. Let's grab a cab there. I'm thinking fuck no but not wanting to argue. We went inside and I started thinking about the sister and went into the bathroom to take a leak. I didn't lock the door and she walks in and pulls her pants down and sits on the toilet while I'm pretty much holding my cock still. I thought why not? So I shoved it in her mouth while on the toilet after a little while of this I pulled her off and smashed on the couch. Twice. I got hungry about 4am and took off grabbed some food and headed home...
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