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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
+1. First rolling out solo SNL, first dance club SNL, first lay from persistence/weaseling, first +1 story worth mentioning on this thread Smile

Went out to a club in Dupont. Approached a petite Asian 6 visiting DC on for an college-sponsored internship. Danced and made out until she realized her friends left at the bar, so I walked her back to the dorm rooms she was staying at for the summer. She let me know I could come hang out for a bit but she wasn't going do anything.

In her suite, four girls were busy inhaling chinese food and another chick was passed out in her bedroom, so she suggested we go to a walkout balcony on another floor. After a long talk and a some BS resistance, I finally started fingering her against the railing while pretending to check out the view Ky She was getting horny and agreed to go check out her room to see if her friends went to bed yet.

They didn't, so we just went to the end of the hallway in the (really, really nice) dorm. The wall at the end of the hall was all glass, like an aquarium, and looked directly into another building. Banged violently and probably gave anyone up across the street at 4AM quite a show. I said goodbye, and wandered in the general direction of home until the sun came up.
08-25-2012 11:35 AM
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