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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
ok so here we go.

Originally I was going to go to Verizon music fest in Virginia but that was costing too much so decided clearwater. With hurricane isaac issue I cancelled those plans and decided to stay home this weekend. Figure with plenty going on in the city shouldnt be an issue. I went to old town wine fest both sat and sunday. I wore my custom suit which I just got to see if a suit does make a difference. Sat night no luck. I did however meet this super hot hostess and walked her home got number, she more gf/dating material than casual so will do long term on her.

Sunday morning I wake up and I can feel my mojo swagger is oozing out of me. I then decide to get a room at the wit for a few reasons. 1) Only 3-4 sunday night parties going on and all would be in the vicinity of that hotel . So logistics was on my side. 2) Room was pretty cheap. 3) I knew I could day game at the wit rooftop and if that was dead I could go day game at the old town wine fest.

I have lunch with one of my cougar girls who's working at night. Reason 4 for hotel was if no luck I would call her and say surprise, I got a room for us blah blah, come over after work.
After lunch I go to hotel, check in, change and hit rooftop. Its little india with tons of douchebags so I bounce to old town. I do a walk through and realize gaming inside the fest was a bad choice. Me being in my suit I decide to play parameter game and get them as their walking out. I strike up conversations by walking along side them and asking if they went to fest, how was it, etc. Once they ask why Im dress up I tell em I was attending a wedding, blah blah.

Due to the amount of women at fest I do caveman game. I met this girl walking out from fest on her way home. run my lines and get her to come to hotel rooftop for drinks. transition from rooftop to room rest is history.

So for those wondering about the suit. I would say it really didn't help THAT much. It did play a small part with that one girl but I could have given her another excuse and still make it happen. I didn't get much eye contact from girls walking by. They where to busy drinking or gossiping with their friends or talking shit about other girls walking by. I am going to a nice restaurant this Friday to celebrate my raise and plan on wearing suit again. I will see if restaurant bar suit game gets me a different reaction that street fest suit game.

Im trying to attach a pic of her ass but it says file is too big. I can hotlink a pic of her face, since she has some pics public in her fb profile but hesitant to do so on here in public.
09-03-2012 01:54 PM
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