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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
Bang from two nights ago. The approach started with me calling out an annoying white hipster chick as a poser. Met her mulatto friend, ended up fucking her. I'm usually pretty averse to following girls around the bar, but I did a little bit of this, and it paid off. I call it pit bull game - you lock your jaw on that shit and never let go. This time, when the girls first left me, they had some dumb drama going on - it wasn't an outright rejection. I ran into them again soon after, and resumed talking. I tried to take them home early, but it wouldn't happen, so I basically just hung around them 'til closing.

Fortunately, an allegedly racist cabbie saved my ass. The white girl got in a cab in front of the bar, and then this black guy rolls up to the cabbie and starts yelling at him, claiming the cabbie said he was taken when he clearly wasn't. Black dude is getting up in his business, but not violent. Cabbie gets scared, drives off with the white girl. Mulatto rolls out of the bar, I tell her her friend's gone, and I drive her home, and bang.

Bitch was like a man, in that she had an orgasm, dried up, and didn't want to do anything more. She even locked me out of her bedroom after. The two girls lived together - should've tried to bang the white girl after, though she was sort of crying over some guy. Don't think she was down, but anything's possible. I had them both in bed with me at one point, but nothing happened then.

And don't take a phone number for an answer. This girl tried to ward me off by offering to take my number, while we're making out outside the bar and I just wouldn't accept that.
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