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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
so for this halloween weekend i had two options. sexy angle: suited up + shades = men in black, or funny angle: cow suit. i decided to go as a cow, lol.

friday night on toronto's king street was just dead. cheval was bad, c lounge was worse, and only brant house was okay. i made a couple patio approaches. one girl sorta hooked, but she was 34 and had a boyfriend. sigh.

on saturday night we went to a halloween party at 99 sudbury, which is south of the great hall (queen & dovercourt). my good-looking friend, who dressed up as a pirate, got 3 makeouts. my other okay-looking friend, who dressed up as a pimp, got 4 numbers. i made a handful of smoking patio approaches and a couple dancefloor approaches but i guess girls just weren't feeling mister cow. pretty frustrating. i was surprised at the okay-looking friend's success, and jealous too, lol. his approach skill and charisma/game are pretty tepid. oh wellz. and damn, i think i ended up smoking like 10 cigarettes throughout the night.

so at closing i'm in the parking lot looking for my good-looking friend and i see he's with this girl he was making out with inside. i go up to him during a break in their convo and ask if i should wing him, as she has two other friends (one is tall and fat, the other is small/short). i approach the two other friends and start joking around, having fun. we start walking north and drunkenly working out a bounce to our hotel room at the metropolitan (dundas & uni). at some point i'm somehow alone with the bigger, more receptive girl. i shift the conversation to sexuality (positions, hair-pulling, choking, slapping, etc.) and she indulges. i go for the makeout and get it. the larger group coalesces, then splits up again, and which point i go for another makeout. i take her up a driveway, whip my dick out, and she gets to blowing me. she asks, where do you want to cum? i point to her boobs. she says, how about in my mouth. i oblige and she swallows my load.

the two of us cab it back to the hotel. she gets all insecure, apologizing about stuff, and asking me rapport questions during the ride back, lol. up in the room it's like 6 dudes and 3 girls. my good-looking friend is just too drunk/dumb to take control and work out isolation like i did. i take a walk with my fatty and make out with her some more by the ice machine and get some handjob action too. she tells me that basically she's a very sex hungry girl, has dick on her mind 24/7, loves pain/domination. so i yank her hair, stuff my fingers into her mouth, slap her really fucking hard across the face. wtf lol. she says she'd do me in the hotel bathroom but she's on her period. i eventually leave without taking her number.

cliff notes:

- i go to a halloween jam dressed up as a cow. outside at the end i wing my friend by talking to a fat slut and have her swallowing my cum on a driveway within 20 minutes.

thoughts i've had for a while or read about that this night has further confirmed:

- sexual escalation/confidence is something i've gotten to be pretty good at
- sexuality seems to be an attraction switch of its own - sexualize the conversation and then physically escalate like a boss
- the standard MM talking game paradigm is really not suited for the clubs that mystery liked so much. dance club game = appearance + dance skills + dominance/cavemanning + social proof
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