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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
Got invited to a party by a girl from DIA. It was a birthday party for a girl dating a rich British guy. When I arrived, there were about 3 Philippina girls for every guy. There was only 1 Philippino guy there, and the rest were western white guys. Dressed in the sluttiest dresses possible, these girls were some of the most liberal Philippinas I have met. I guess that's Manila. They were doing body shots off all sorts of parts, one girl tried to give me a handjob in front of everybody. No thanks. I met this Persian girl with a killer rackwho was in Manila studying. Got her number and facebook because she had to leave, but I'm hoping for a future flag.

After the party me, the rich British dude, and 3 girls went to the club. This guy has it made. Lives in this huge apartment, dates girls over 30 years younger than him, and openly cheats on the hottie he is dating. Basically he has the set up I want at his age.

We arrive at the club and start dancing. I really need to work on my dance game cause I could have pulled the hottest girl I've seen in the Philippines in the last 2 months. I mentally put "Learn Dance Game" on my to do list and as a priority, when the chick from the party who tried to give me a handjob at the party shows up. She had called one of the girls to see where I was. With only my shitty dance game ahead of me (because these girls all loved to dance) I took the handjob chick and bounced back to my hotel. She had a very pretty face and looked like she had a good body, but her body was only so so. Great night, but shitty lay. I need to learn dance floor game.

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