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The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
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RE: The I-Just-Had-Sex Thread (Plus-Notch Thread)
Finally I am on the board boys. So I just moved to Denver about three weeks ago and have been on the grind trying to get something going. I have a bit of a tough time fitting in around these parts. Most people in general seem to almost go out of there way to look like shit. Heaven forbid if I sport a nice dress shit and jeans. I feel like I would knock the earth of its axis if I wore a tie and suit coat. But fuck, why is it a big deal if you actually have style and respect yourself enough to care about the way you look.

Anyways, last night I was bound and determined to get some pussy. Nothing was going to stand in my way. Opened a solid 7 who at the onset wasn't being a compete bitch and we were getting along pretty well. I thought this could be the one to break the Denver dry spell. But as the conversation progressed her attitude was begging to get to me and I sensed she thought she was much better looking than she actually was. I cut bait moved on and spotted a new group of women who rolled in behind were I was playing pool. Opened and was getting strong vibes for a very cute blonde. She had a pretty face and adequate body. Ran solid game throughout the corse of the night didn't escalate very much but I still knew she wanted me. As bar close approached she said no way you are coming home with me, which includes no walk home (she lives about 2 blocks away from me). I was rolling with a buddy of mine and one of her friends was really into him and suggested we all grab a cab together. I agreed and so did my girl. We got to her place and as soon as we got out of the cab she was giving me the puppy dog eyes and instantly went in for an aggressive make-out. We all went up to her place, made-out some more and my buddy and her friend left together.

We hopped in bed together, as we made-out every attempt I made to walk my fingers down to her pussy she stopped me just as I made contact. It was like she was waiting for me every time I approached the hairy taco. Finally I passed out on her bed and she slept on the couch.

In the morning she came back to her bed naked from the waist down. But the same story as the night before every time I made my approach she would thwart my efforts. After about 2 minutes of this I had enough. I got on top of her pinned her arms behind her head and did the old fashion middle school grind for about a minute with some aggressive making-out and sucking on her tits. Then I fingered the shit out of her, with some g-spot stimulation. After this she was begging for the Dick. Made it clap for about and hour and went for round two an hour later. It was great she liked it aggressive as all girls do, and I obliged and then some.

She told me afterwards that she was providing resistance because she hadn't shaved the beaver for about two days. I would have shaved that shit with my teeth if I had to.

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12-09-2012 04:37 PM
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